Meet the Neighbors

Solomon and Tigst Dabe pray for their neighbors using and they’ve wanted to get to know them so they formed a plan. They turned their garage into a gathering place and invited their friends and neighbors to come share food original to their native home, Ethiopia.

Solomon and Tigst were a little nervous as they prepared their invitations. They wondered if people would come and if they came would they enjoy the food and time together. They didn’t need to worry, their neighbors came and stayed for hours. The friendships deepened and a real sense of community developed.  

It was so fun they wanted to do something to follow up. An idea emerged. Since they’d already cleaned out their garage why not put a ping pong table in it and invite children and youth from the neighborhood to come play whenever they wanted. The neighborhood kids loved it and sometimes the parents came along to hang out.

The Dabe’s discovered their home was becoming the center of the neighborhood and they couldn’t be happier. Some of the relationships are growing to the point that Solomon believes they may have the beginning of a bible study in due time.

Solomon and Tigst are great examples of the pray, care and share lifestyle of loving your neighbors to Jesus. Many of us could do something similar.

How about hosting your neighbors this summer?

At Love KC we have resources to help you live your faith with confidence and know how to lead your friends to Jesus at Check out The Field Guide for Loving Your Neighbor.

Solomon leads a Non-profit, A Bright Future for Children, and serves on the board for Love KC.

Give God a chance to use you.