You are here because you want to live on mission in your everyday life. We hope the Love KC training, tools and support you have received give you the confidence necessary to share the love of Jesus where you live, learn, work, and play.

If you want to help others gain this confidence and be a bigger part of this growing community of Christ-followers, consider supporting us financially.

Love KC has a vision to see every neighborhood in Kansas City adopted by one or more people living on mission, and its through your support that this vision will become a reality.

If you want to give through the blockchain, here’s how:Lovekcmetamask 350w

If you want to give: with your krypto wallet open, scan the QR code below and follow the instruction to send to Love KC. Thank you. We will receipt you when we convert your gift to fiat currency. Our policy is to convert quickly. We are not investors in krypto and we do not speculate in the market.

We are 501-c3 organization. Thank you for your generosity to the Kansas City community of Christ followers.