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Reach Digital Explorers

People are responding to digital invitations to talk about faith and their needs, and we want to reach back when they reach out.

One avenue for explorers to find us is


Love KC partners with to provide a lifeline to people who want to talk to someone when life has become difficult. We support churches who recruit teams to respond, and we invite individuals to join the Love KC team.

Your Church

If your church has an interest in being a lifeline to digital explores, here is a link to get started:

Your church could join over fifty churches in Kansas City who have one or more people ready to respond. There are training resources, best practice guides and que sheets to help you offer timely support and prayer.


If your church is not yet involved but you would like to get started there is a place for you on the Love KC response team. Contact We will provide training and support for you as your step into this valuable response to be there when digital explorers ask for help.

Watch testimonials from the Love KC team here.