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Love Your Neighbor Field Guide

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Love Your Neighbor
Field Guide

If you do decide to adopt your neighborhood (or workplace) as a “light” to pray, care and share, what could it look like in practical terms?

How would you start? Are there things that come sequentially or can you pick and choose? Are there trade secrets I should know, you ask For these questions and many more I wrote “A Field Guide.”

Born out of everyday conversations, wins, and well, we can say—learnings, the Field Guide is written to support you in a way that is simple and brief. Pick and choose from the stories and learnings as you wish. There isn’t a linear, stepwise path. Trust God. Pray and listen both to God and to others. Start small, if you’d like. Give God a chance and see what He will do with you and through you.

I believe you are made for this. You have the DNA of Jesus inside. If you take the limits off there is no end to the good He can do both in you and in others around you.

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1: You Were Made For This

2: Making and Being a Friend

3: Prayer

4: Prayer Walking Your Neighborhood

5: Care

6: Share

7: Let Tech Help





Quick Start Guide

3 Steps to Confidently Live Out Your Faith & Reach Your Friends

Download this free PDF now to get started on your way to loving your neighbor and living more like Jesus.