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We know you want to share the love of Jesus with others. But you don’t always know where to start or what to say. We believe that your everyday life is your mission field! It doesn’t have to be complicated. At Love KC, we provide training, tools and support to share your faith with confidence where you live, learn, work and play.

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God is on the Move

Be an active part of the Love KC community and join Jesus where He is already at work…right here in Kansas City. Join the 3,500 people in the city who already have adopted their neighborhood!


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Your Neighborhood

We partner with an organization called Bless Every Home, which makes it easy to adopt your neighborhood. You sign up to “Be a Light for Christ”. This simply means you register online to receive emails with names of your neighbors for you to pray for and care for those living right in your own backyard. This step oftentimes leads to natural, organic ways for you to share Jesus with those people.

Bless Every Home’s straight-forward digital platform is easy to use and allows you to track your progress with each neighbor. It’s a refreshing way to view your own neighborhood as your mission field.

  • It’s free.
  • It’s confidential.
  • It connects you to people who live near you and who WANT prayer! You also have the ability to add friends and relatives to your daily prayer list.


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With Us

There’s always an opportunity to be encouraged and learn how the Kansas City community is moving to share the love of Jesus. We have several ways for you to stay connected with us.


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With Us

As you pray and care for your neighbors, relationships develop. This opens doors for chances to verbally share about Jesus. But how do you do this? Do you feel equipped with words and know-how? Don’t let words trip you up or keep you from sharing. We have several guides and training courses to help you practice and prepare to share with others.

  • Love Your Neighbor Field Guide: seven lessons to work through that teach you practical ways to Be a Light and pray, care and share for your neighbor click here to download
  • Love Your Neighbor Devotional: this downloadable, 30-page devotional uses Scripture to help you learn what to say and how to say to it, as well as pray for your own understanding and growth along the way click here to download
  • Bless Pocket Guide: learn how the acrostic B.L.E.S.S. can help you reach your friends click here to download
  • Backwards: a book that helps you battle the tug of war you feel between living to serve yourself or living with freedom to serve God Purchase it here
  • Alpha: an 11-week course where you can bring your friends for a conversation about faith, life and God sign up here


Partner With


The most important thing you can do is pray, care and share for your neighbor. But we rely on our partners for prayer, serving and financial support to keep the vision alive and provide the resources you need to spread the love of Jesus in your community.

Do you have the means or feel a calling to donate? 

We are 501-c3 organization. Thank you for your generosity to the Kansas City community of Christ followers.