Partnering in Prayer and Mission to Love Our City To Life In Jesus

At Love KC we pray one scripture a week together and we collaborate to see every neighborhood in KC adopted

A Common Prayer
Join in praying the weekly scripture

Every Neighborhood
Learn the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle to help reach every person in Kansas City

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Your Discipleship Resource

Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle

The second great commandment says to “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” In an attempt to be simple and memorable we just say, pray, care and share.

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BLESS Podcast & Blog

Subscribe to the BLESS Podcast & Love KC Blog to grow as a disciple. You’ll hear inspiring discipleship stories, learn the Prayer, Care, Share lifestyle in more detail, discover best practices, and get regular inspiration.

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Weekly Prayer Verse

Get a scriptural prayer delivered to your inbox every Sunday. You’ll join a KC-wide movement praying the same prayer in agreement. What a powerful way to get involved!

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Adopt A Neighborhood

When you’re ready to put into practice all that you’ve learned here, you can adopt your neighborhood. Adopting your neighborhood is a way to outwardly express your desire to make disciples where you live. You’ll join thousands of other disciples doing the same via Bless Every Home.

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Love Your Neighbor Resources

30-Day Devotional

These 30 days of devotionals will inspire, instruct, make you laugh and maybe even bring a tear. They give a biblical foundation for the prayer, care, and share lifestyle. You can adopt your neighborhood or workplace and it will surprise you at how fast you see God work through you.

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Field Guide

If you do decide to adopt your neighborhood, what could it look like in practical terms? Are there things that come sequentially or can you pick and choose? Are there trade secrets I should know, you ask For these questions and many more I wrote “A Field Guide.”

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