Hear from those who have had their lives changed through Love KC!

"Love KC has impacted our church community in so many ways through prayer and support. They have been pivotal to unity in the local Church of our city as they bring us together for the common purpose of prayer and caring for your neighbors. I am very thankful for all the relationships I have developed with other pastors and leaders as a result of Love KC gatherings and initiatives. They truly are making a Kingdom!"
Nicole Dinsmore 300
Nicole Dinsmore

"For 22 years, I served myself in virtually every facet of my life. I was normally the life of the party wherever I went, and I thought I was enjoying life--until I wasn't.

Due to some tough things in my marriage, things that I couldn't control in my own humor, money or strength, I hit my knees on a September night. I had a neighbor who kept asking me to Church, and I was always nice but brushed it off every time.

That night, I remembered who was constantly inviting me and who to reach out to when all heck was breaking loose in my life. It was my faithful neighbor. What I quickly learned was he was praying for me daily for multiple years prior to Jesus getting a hold of my stubborn rear end. I began to attend Church with him and his family and eventually, my wife and kids, too. We were all baptized a year and a half later.

Today, I am paying it forward where I live in doing the same thing with my neighbors, plus where I work and other contexts. I am now quite heavily involved with Love KC."

Jon Dewitt 300
Jon DeWitt
Love KC Board of Trustees
"I love the crew at Love KC! Their heart for those who are far from God, their resourcing, trainings, collaboration, and heart for the city is contagious and a gift. We partner regularly and can't recommend them any higher."
Morgan Greer 300
Morgan Greer
Serve Community Church
"I came across Love KC and BlessEveryHome when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, while researching several Gospel city movements for a graduate class. In my analysis, I found BlessEveryHome an invaluable tool in its simplicity and the system it creates to foster living on mission in my immediate environment and circle of influence. I appreciate the daily Scripture prompts to pray over each neighbor and the app notification/reminder to pray."
Andrew Adudu 300
Andrew Adudu
"Working with Love KC has taught be how to be a better neighbor and has helped me view my personal mission field in new ways. I have adopted my neighborhood through BlessEveryHome and the prompting every day to pray for my neighbors. I set aside time each day to go on a prayer walk in my neighborhood. Praying for my neighbors deepened my faith and my connection with the Lord and has given me opportunities to share my faith with others."
Jade Van Slyke 300
Jade Van Slyke
Love KC Community Relations