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A “Better Man” Retreat

The Founder of Love KC, Gary Kendall, spoke at The Church of the Resurrection’s Men’s Retreat. His session was, A “Better Neighbor.” You can watch the presentation below. Some treat the Second Great Commandment as if it is an option, others as if good, aspirational, intentions are enough. While most have a plan for growing…

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What is a Disciple?

At its simplest definition, a disciple is one who replicates the life of his or her leader. In our case at Love KC, we say, disciples live out the message and the methods of Jesus. The starting point for us at Love KC when we think about discipleship is to take our lead from Jesus…

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Love KC “At the Beginning”

Eric Rochester, Exec. Director of The Sending Project interviews Founder Gary Kendall about the vision and mission of Love KC on the Saturate KC Podcast # 2: Guest: Gary Kendall: 11/18/17

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Welcome to Love KC!

Kansas City Skyline at sunset

Gary, let’s love our city, Kansas City, to life in Jesus! We know Jesus cares about every person in KC and desires to be in a relationship. Let’s join Him in His pursuit. Love KC connects and mobilizes prayer across our city through, what we call, the Missional Prayer Force. In addition, we coordinate with…

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Look Inside

The purpose of Look Inside is to invite people to explore the Bible. The approach is to disrupt people’s preconceived notions about the Bible with a loving, non-judgmental, non-dogmatic tone. We aren’t defining or defending its contents. We simply invite everyone to look inside. Five Videos: Apology: Screens: Journey: Irrelevant book: Big questions: Each piece of content on is shareable. We…

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What’s on God’s Heart for KC?

Early in our transition from leading Indian Creek Community Church to city reaching ministry through Love KC, God whispered a thought into my mind. It was this, ask Me what I want to do in this city. I began that day and continued to this day, asking God what is on His heart for Kansas…

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Reach Every Neighborhood

Learn how we can adopt every neighborhood in Kansas City through Bless Every Home. You can pray for your neighbors by name. You can care and keep track of the ways that God Is using you with your friends. You can connect with other lights in your neighborhood. Jesus said, love your neighbor as you…

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Living Life on Mission

How to share your faith using 3 circles Have you wondered how to share your faith in a way that makes sense without sounding like a salesperson? You can start at the circle of God’s providential plan or the circle of brokenness, whichever best fits your conversation. You’ll want to be sure that you get…

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The B.L.E.S.S. Pocket Guide

The B.L.E.S.S. Pocket Guide teaches daily rhythms for the person who wants to love their city to Jesus. Learn how the acrostic for B.L.E.S.S. gives you practical, easy to use, ideas and tools to spur spiritual growth and reach your friends.

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Gary Kendall and the story of Love KC

Gary and Belinda Kendall embrace the new adventure of launching a city reaching ministry to reach every neighborhood of Kansas City by 2020. If you are around Gary any time at all you will hear him say, Let’s love our city to life in Jesus. Love KC is a new venture teaching the daily rhythm…

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Quick Start Guide

3 Steps to Confidently Live Out Your Faith & Reach Your Friends

Download this free PDF now to get started on your way to loving your neighbor and living more like Jesus.