About Us


Who We Are

History & Founder

Dr. Gary and Rev. Belinda Kendall founded Love KC in August of 2017 with the support of a good friend, Eric Rochester, Director of The Sending Project and long-time mentor, Gary Schmitz.

Their 41+ year career in ministry to Kansas City includes the following:

  • 1982 pastor of First Church of God, Kansas City, Kansas
  • 1985 planted Indian Creek Community Church in Olathe, Kansas
  • 1999 co-founded Church Multiplication Association
  • 2010 re-started Project Partner with daughter, Kristen Levitt
  • 2016 received the Olathe Humanitarian of the Year Award
  • 2017 founded Love KC
  • 2018 received the Dr. Charles Briscoe Award for Urban Ministry

Belinda is an ordained pastor and an advocate for women in ministry.

In addition to leading Love KC, Gary works for Gloo, a tech, data, platform company serving on their marketing team as a Cities Lead.

Our Team

Meet Us

Meet the Team

The Love KC team is diverse and growing in number. Some volunteer, others are part-time or full time. There’s room for you to join if you have interest.

  • Gary Kendall, Catalyst
  • Belinda Kendall, Donor Relations
  • Jade VanSlyke, Community Development Partner
  • Andrew Adudu, Associate, Church Partnerships
  • Tim Stout, Media
  • Linda Meyers, Prayer Coordinator
  • Lyssa Kirwan, Social Media
  • Mark Martin, Admin and Treasurer
  • Tracy Mosley, Accountant
  • Brent Coonrod, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Our Board

Board of Directors

Chairman – Brent Coonrod, brentcoonrod@yahoo.com
Vice-Chair – Tim Stout, hmktim@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer – Mark Martin, mtymes2@att.net
Executive Director – Gary Kendall, Gary@lovekc.net
Member – Belinda Kendall, Belinda@lovekc.net
Member – Eric Chia, Eric Chia, eric@chiaweb.com
Member – Jon DeWitt, dewittj@live.com
Member – Solomon Dabe, solomondabe@abrightfutureforkids.org

Our Values




Our highest aim


We are better together


Every person has equal value


Is at the center


Not competition


Honors God and humanity


Seize the day




You may see these names in our social media or hear them on a Podcast. In order for you to find them and partner with them we share their link here. This list is always growing.