Make It Easy to Share With Your Neighbors

Clint Hall has been reaching out to his neighbors and community for several decades. He’s learned that you can capitalize on events and gatherings already happening. Here’s a story of one way Clint capitalized on a national event and used it to get the attention of his neighbors. 

For the last 30+ years, there has been a National Night Out with the Police. He found out about this event about five years ago. It takes place one night a year. The premise is that you have a police officer over to your house and invite your neighbors. 

Now annually, Clint invites his neighbors over to his driveway for a BBQ. Everyone brings a side dish and gets to know one or more local police officers while also getting to spend time with their neighbors! Gathering like this is a way to bridge the gap between the public and the Police. It fosters unity and fellowship and is an opportunity to show Christ’s love. 
The first time they did this, not only did people get to know their local police enforcement on a more personal level, his neighbors raved about the time they had together. They said they wanted to get together again and they didn’t need a special event.
If you’re interested in hosting this event,  National Night Out with the Police is happening this year, Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. You can go to or to find out more and start planning your event!

Look for other local events and gatherings that you can use as a starting place. Don’t think you always need to be the host; maybe you can go somewhere as a group. The possibilities are endless. 
Once you open your heart to the idea of gathering your neighbors, the ideas will flow naturally. Ask God for help to lead and guide you. He is more than ready and faithful to help.
God bless you,
Brooke Powell
Social Media, Love KC