An Uber Driver Living On Mission

Young Woman Using Smart Phone While Driving A Car

At Love KC we always look to feature people who are living on mission where they live, learn, work and play. Gary Kendall, the Love KC Catalyst found this story in an unusual place. In his travels he has many opportunities to share the Lord with his Uber drivers. God turned this latest journey around on him. Not even 30 seconds into his trip, the driver says to him, “isn’t God good?” She then proceeds to tell him of three most recent miracles the Lord has worked on her behalf. 

She shared that she struggles to make ends meet but prays about everything. She had a flat tire that ruined her rim, so she was driving on a temporary donut tire. With little time and less money, she found a replacement at a junkyard. It was hours away and she couldn’t take time off to get it. She asked the Lord for help. He provided two Uber fares that took her to the city where the junkyard was located. While waiting for her next fare she had time to go to the junkyard and get the rim. It is amazing what God will do when you put your trust in Him! She was ecstatic! She said, “God is always doing things like that for me.” Gary replied, “tell me more.”

Once again, low on funds she sensed the Lord directing her to go to a service where a visiting evangelist was speaking. She obeyed and stayed after to meet the leaders as she thought they were amazing. One of the ladies asked if she could return the following weekend: she agreed to return. The next week the same woman greeted her and invited her backstage. She said she felt impressed to write a check to her for $2000. The driver told Gary she almost fainted; that was the exact amount she needed to put down a deposit and pay the first month’s rent. 

She asked Gary, “do you want to hear another one?” He replied, “by all means.” 

She now had the funds but wasn’t sure where to live. She put the money in the bank and kept out $500. She also works as a CNA. When she arrived at her client’s home, she saw a For Rent sign being posted for the house next door. She asked how much down they would need, he replied, “$500.” She looked through the house and it was perfect, and they were putting down new flooring as well. She asked about the rent, then shared her miracle with him. He explained that he normally asks for references but after hearing her story he said once she paid the rent and deposit the house will be hers. The rent was $750; with the gift the Lord had provided, she even had a second months rent money in the bank.

As she shared each miracle, she giggled all the way through at the goodness and love of God. Gary says, “It was endearing and inspiring. Here she was, an older lady, without much to call her own but knowing she was deeply loved by God and happy as could be.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” 

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