God Hears Our Heart’s Cry

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God has made an opportunity available to the Body of Christ to respond to hurting people. It’s called Explorers. Those hurting can text a phone number and express their concerns. A member then responds with prayer and encouragement as the Lord directs, and He works His miracles in their hearts. 
Janet, an Explorer, reached out with her concerns and a member of Love KC responded. Initially, it seemed she was testing to see if he was trustworthy. She then opened up a bit and one night, when things became more intense, a phone call was made. 

She explained how she felt disconnected from God and thought He was mad at her. Sharing verses about His love that never leaves, he asked if she wanted to pray. She said she doesn’t do that, so he offered to pray for her and asked her to join in with him as he prayed with words that would come from her. When finished he asked, “how was that?” “It was amazing, I felt a warmth through my body.” When asked what she thought it meant, her reply, “He loves me.” 

After a few days she wrote again, “I thank you for your prayers. Everyday I have been feeling the presence more and more. You have made an impact on my life, and I just want to thank you endlessly.”

He and Janet kept in touch with texted notes about prayer and encouragement to read the scriptures. She later shared, “Now I know His endless love for all of His creation. I am now trying to figure out the plans He has for me. I am asking Him in prayer to reveal His plans for my life and I’m hoping to get an answer soon. Every day is a growing experience with God, and I can’t wait to fulfill His wishes.”

Janet began having reoccurring nightmares where she would end up trapped and sensed something bad was about to happen. She and he shared another phone call and he explained this could be the enemy trying to hinder her growth in the Lord. 

He suggested she try what he calls “spiritual breathing.” Before going to sleep, as she takes in a long, deep breath, pray Holy Spirit please fill me, my lungs, my heart, take over in me. Then as she breathes out, I give You all Lord, replace my selfish plans and fill me with Your plans and dreams.  Remove my sin and selfishness. Forgive me for the times I haven’t followed You. She did this with him and really sensed the peace of God. He suggested she do this before going to sleep, and again if awakened by a nightmare. She thought this was really good and planned to follow through. 

The following day she texted this message, “Last night I slept soundly, I tried the prayer method you suggested, and I asked God to be present with me as I slept, and I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep.  I did not have any nightmares.  I think I will continue to do that every night.” God is so good. He heard her heart’s cry and showed up in wonderful ways to prove to her that He loves her and will answer her prayers.

Our God is truly a prayer answering, miracle working God. He works through willing hearts who desire to share the love of Jesus with the hurting and the lost, even digitally. Our faithfulness and showing ourselves trustworthy can make all the difference in another’s life. If you think your church would like to respond to explorers contact Gary@lovekc.net. If you would like to respond to explorers contact Jade@lovekc.net

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