The Barna People Pulse

Hey my friend, How do we even begin to make sense of 2020?  On a global scale, we’re dealing with the increase of COVID-19 cases amidst

Love Your Neighbor Tool

Love KC is proud to partner with Meet the Need, a national ministry, that offers practical and personal ways to love your neighbor. Love KC

S3 E4: Partnering with America Prays

Love KC Catalyst, Gary Kendall hosts Brian Alarid who has a vision for praying for every person in America by name. Chris Cooper, Founder of

The 10 Days of Awe (repentance and praise)

September 18-28, 2020 3 Sections (invitation, prayer guide, instructions and links) Letter to Johnson County Pastors and prayer leaders August 31, 2020 Friends, Rather than

S3 E3: Catholics Living On-mission

Deacon Dana Nearmeyer works tirelessly to lead his diocese into mission. Gary and Dana teamed up to create a curriculum titled, “Enflame our Hearts” that

S3 E2: You Can Do This Too

Joey Knight heard about multiple times before he decided to check it out. He wanted to live on-mission and was looking for a way

S3 E1: Faith And Race

The Second Great Commandments says, “love your neighbor.” If we’ve ever needed that admonition we need it now. Pastor Greg Ealey and Author Annika Bergen

S2 E6: How to share

Gary Kendall and Brooke McMahan discuss Lesson Six in Season 2 of the B.L.E.S.S. Podcast from the Online Discipleship Course.  Many times people have

Get Involved!

Get Involved!