How to Transform a City

We love Kansas City and long to see our city thrive. We are known as the city of fountains and most recently the home of

The Neighbor to the Vice President

Yesterday Kamala Harris became the first woman to become Vice-President of the United States of America. She also is the first woman of color to

The Sync

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but every day we benefit from the cause for which he fought, racial equity and justice—not that


The most popular search on Youtube in 2020 started with the word, why? Watch the video. You have questions; I have questions, so what do

A Twinkle in your Eye

You know the look; it seems as if there is a spark; you can see it in their face. The smile is real, not forced.

Two Words

Annually, I ask God to give me a word or a phrase I can hold to through the year that prepares me to make the

Not Home for Christmas

I was far from home, alone on Christmas Eve. It was my first year at the university, and I was the latest hire at my

A Cry

Why is God silent? Why does He seem so distant? The beloved Christmas song, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, captures this sentiment. It is often

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Get Involved!