Creativity and Intentionality Foster Relationships

Intentional. This word is one of the keys for Breanna and Ryan Wiebe, when it comes to reaching their neighbors for Christ. For ten years now, Breanna and Ryan have been living on-mission. In the last five years they’ve been focused and intentional in reaching out to their neighbors. One of the tools they use is

They learned that if they want to build relationships and make an impact for Christ in their neighborhood, they need a plan. The exciting thing, Breanna shared, is that they realized they were already doing certain things and activities. They shifted to discovering these everyday events were opportunities to maximize.

For instance, their kids go to school with their neighbors’ kids. They see these children and their parents regularly, while they wait for their children outside of the school or going to a school event. Instead of just going to the school for their children, they began using this time as a platform to start conversations and start building relationships. 

Timing is an essential factor and being led by the Spirit is vital. The Holy Spirit knows who is ready for what and when–it is all about relationship building. We must earn the right to have spiritual conversations and share the Gospel, Breanna shared. 

Like any relationship, building trust is necessary. Trust doesn’t formulate overnight. It takes consistency and intentionality. Over time, the more people get to know each other and have proven to care about one another, the more the door begins to crack open to talk about deeper life issues. 

Caring for one another takes on all shapes and forms. Recently, their neighbors’ gigantic tree fell and split five different ways. Some of it landed in their yard, and one landed on their house. It was a huge mess and caused a lot of damage. So Breanna began contacting their neighbors to see who could donate money and who could make meals. This family had support for several weeks. 

Being creative with how to engage your neighbors is essential and fun. They have a couple who lives behind them and can’t get out very much because of the husband’s health. They want to be involved somehow, so they asked if they could begin praying for the neighbors with whom Breanna and her family have been connecting. They started praying, and sometime later, this couple was able to join in on a gathering. The wife was so excited to put faces with the names of the people for whom they’d been praying. It was such a delight for them to be a part of praying for everyone even though they couldn’t make it to all of the gatherings. 

Breanna shared a creative story of another family that has music nights. Some neighbors who play instruments get together in the driveway, and everyone comes with their lawn chairs. One night it started to drizzle a little bit, so they moved the band into the garage. They played into the night after sundown. 

When it comes to loving your neighbors, the possibilities are endless! Get creative. Be intentional. So much is around the corner waiting for you and your neighbors! 

Join Jesus where He’s already at work.