We Care

How do we stay in touch when we can’t be in the same space? Apparently, we fill our time with Zoom calls, Facetime, Google Hangouts and Teams calls. But it’s not the same, is it?

We still find ourselves feeling disconnected.

Here is the scary part, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Let’s get on the solution side, Pastors, are you willing to take a short check-in survey?

Leaders, who are not pastors, how about you? Are you willing to check-in?

We, at Love KC, are willing to make the results available so you can see how we as a community are doing from the answers you give anonymously. Next week we will share the results from our poll and offer the aggregate results from national polls running the same motion. You can compare how we are doing to the national answers.

Would you be interested to know what the data says?

Most times, we depend on anecdotal stories from a few to form our thoughts and decisions. Now, thanks to the help of Gloo/Barna we can see better to do better.

We’d like to widen the circle of care, but we need your help.

You’ll be asked to form a login, but it is free, and the privacy standards meet the highest criteria. You won’t be asked to buy anything. The tools are underwritten by donors who care about the lives of Christian leaders like you and me.

Let’s check-in on each other and learn from the results.

We are better together,

Gary Kendall, Love KC, Catalyst

PS We are rolling out a new community engagement connection tool where those who have or know of needs are connected with those who want to meet needs. More next week…