Slow And Steady Wins The Race

One word to describe Sherri Yates is ‘steady.’ For over 11 years, Sherri has been faithfully praying for her neighbors and reaching out to them. She lives in a community of townhomes, so there is a dense population at her fingertips ripe and ready for prayer and love. One amazing thing is that multiple ethnicities, religions, and nations are represented. There have been Iranians, Ethiopians, Asians, Muslims, Jehovah’s witnesses, and English-speaking Americans. Among them are those who are lost spiritually and some who are not a part of a church. When she first moved into the complex, her pastor visited her. He told her that instead of going to the nations, God was bringing the nations to her. This word has stuck in her heart and mind ever since.

She got introduced to platform about a year and a half ago. After praying for her neighbors for ten years, she was so thankful to have it. Using catapulted her prayer, love, and care to another level. After she got the names and addresses of her neighbors, one by one, she went to their door to let them know she had been praying for them by name on this new program she had. She asked them if they had any specific prayer requests. The majority were happy to hear and appreciated and were impressed that this stranger had faithfully prayed for them. Most of them gave her their prayer requests and allowed her to pray for them.

The connection she made at their front doors was just the beginning. Meeting her neighbors and conveying her prayers for them primed the pump for ongoing opportunities. Now that they knew she was a kind, faithful woman who had been praying for them, several moms, kids, and families would go to Sherri when they needed prayer or help in some area.

Over time, trust grew between Sherri and her neighbors. One Iranian family asked her to take their grandma to the hospital when she had fallen down their stairs. Another time, the same grandma in this family ran out to Sherri as she was leaving for church one Sunday morning, asking if she would give her money to Allah because she couldn’t make it to their church. Sherri said she would give it to Jesus, not Allah. Grandma was perfectly fine with that.

Another family who had not shown much interest in God had a crisis happen. One early Saturday morning, their apartment caught on fire. They immediately ran over to Sherri’s house and asked her to pray.

Several people Sherri has sown into over the years have moved away but still keep in touch with her. They hadn’t given their hearts to the Lord while they lived near Sherri but, years later, received salvation. She knew the watering and sowing over the years played a significant part in their new relationship with God.

She has stayed faithful and steady in her prayers, being willing every day to be used by God however He chose for her to be a blessing. The stories of how she has met needs, listened, prayed, cried with, played with their kids, running errands, or doing favors are countless. She has become a spiritual mama, grandma, friend, and shepherd to her neighbors.

Be encouraged that your faithful prayers for your neighbors are making a difference! Remember that, in the words of Bruce Lee, “Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.” So let us run this race steadily and consistently, knowing we will hear these words one day, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

May God bless you abundantly as you pray for, care for, share with and disciple your neighbors.

We thank God for you being on this journey of joining Jesus where He’s already at work!