Miracles Are the Norm!

Signs and wonders should follow those who believe. That is what is normal. We want to be careful we don’t make them seem abnormal. It is for every believer. No person is different or better than anyone else. Our brother in the Lord, Mike, shares how he used to be abnormal when he wasn’t seeing God move or expecting Him to do miracles. (We are not sharing his full name to protect his identity as he does mission work in dangerous parts of the world). Now that he does walk in this reality, he is normal. It’s not normal in the kingdom of God for people to not find healing, restoration, deliverance, freedom, and salvation. Something is off in us when we are not living out the kingdom reality in our daily lives. 

Mike said he would call himself charismatic and operates in the giftings and love the giftings, and he loves Jesus. He added, “The giftings are all to point people to Jesus. Someone can be raised from the dead or find physical healing, but if they aren’t born anew, receive Jesus as their Savior and give their life to Him and end up separated from God forever, then what really has been gained?” Mike shares the Gospel, prays for someone, and sees them healed or come to salvation daily. It’s just a lifestyle now. It’s a Jesus lifestyle that is for every believer, not just him. 

You could call Mike bi-vocational. He runs an evangelism and deliverance ministry called Freedom Fighters. He also partners with local law enforcement to help trafficked victims. During the day, he also runs a roofing company and owns a gun shop. He sees some of the same people every day, and other days there and new people he’s never met. His business gives him the opportunity to share God’s love. 

He is intentional and prayer walks every day. He prays for his employees and strangers he may come across that day and starts spiritual conversations with them. However, most people he sees healed or gets to share the Gospel with are out at the gas station, car wash, etc. He is just doing life but carrying the Spirit of Christ wherever he goes and whatever he’s doing. 

Just the other day, he talked with Richard, who’s been working on his zero-turn lawn mower for a year now. He just happened not to be busy that day, which never happens. It turns out Richard had a lot of stress going on. He was taking care of his mother who was sick with cancer. He’s 55 years old and has to change her diapers every day.  One day, Mike stopped what he was doing and went to the back of his office with Richard. He laid hands on him, prayed for him, and shared the Gospel. Richard shared that he is a Christian but feels far from God. They talked about intimacy with the Lord. Mike was able to be an encouragement to him.  

It seems that Mike has experiences like this often. The first thing he prays in the morning is, ‘Lord, I’m Yours today. Use me however You want to. Interrupt my schedule. Do whatever You want. Get my attention while I’m speeding through my day. Do whatever You have to do to get my attention. If there’s someone You’d like me to love on, let me be Your hands and feet.’  He didn’t always live like this. Mike said he had to have an honest self-assessment with himself. He realized one day that he didn’t love broken people. His heart didn’t break for the things that broke God’s heart. He had to repent for not being broken over these things and admit that he didn’t have an intimate relationship or hear His voice on a daily basis. He realized he was, in his own words, a whitewashed tomb, doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons.  

Motivation is everything. Our motivation should be to see the lost come to Jesus and see His kingdom come through us. If it’s not your motivation, the best thing you could do is have an honest self-assessment with yourself, as Mike had. We just need to repent and get our hearts right with the Lord. Life is all about knowing Him and seeing people how He sees them.   God doesn’t see broken people. He sees a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that He created to know Him and be known as the object of His affection–they just don’t know it yet. The people we think are the farthest from the kingdom of God are often the ones who are seeking and crying out.  

We are praying for all our hearts to be aligned with our Father’s heart so that we can be right with Him and, in turn, fulfill the Great Commission as He has commanded. Jesus is praying for us, too!

Cheering you on,