Pre and Post-COVID

What’s your pre and post COVID learning? I hear people talking about pre and post COVID, almost like it is a BC and AD designation of time.

I’d love your feedback. If you are a Pastor here’s a survey link. Please take a couple of minutes and let me hear from you. If you are a church leader but not a pastor, your thoughts are important too.

Pre COVID I’d swing by my favorite coffeehouse, Black Dog Coffee, and get coffee with my friend Dana Nearmeyer; I’d commute to Westside Family Church to work; no doubt there would be in-person meetings every day somewhere across Kansas City; Lifetime Fitness was on my way home and Belinda, my wife and I, would sit on the patio at Spin Pizza until dark when we got the chance. That was PRE.

During COVID, days would run together. Is it Wednesday? We didn’t ask how many miles per gallon of gas but how many days per tank–I think it was three weeks. Belinda and I took walks every evening that nature would allow. We cooked together—or I should say we were in the kitchen together—I just followed directions, which might be the greatest miracle of COVID. We watched The Voice weekly and made time to start every day with prayer and God’s word and end it sitting together on the couch. After watching sobering news, many times, we prayed together.

Think with me, what’s your pre and post COVID?

How will we change? What will we learn? How will we be forever marked after seven weeks of shelter in place? Imagine that, seven weeks could change your life!

The questions keep coming. What fears have you uncovered? Have you developed new habits? Do you regularly make time for something new? What will you keep? What do you need to change? When is the next time you will get on a plane, go to church, sit at a restaurant, go to AMC, go on vacation?

World history is being written right now, and we won’t go back. Things won’t be the same. We are alive during an unprecedented time, and the future is so unclear no one can predict it.

Will there be a second wave of COVID? Will the economy recover? Will the death toll eventually top WW2 numbers? Will we find a cure? Who else will die?

I don’t believe God sent COVID. I think it is a part of the stain of sin from the garden forward. It’s the enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. God is a Redeemer. He takes what the enemy means for evil and turns it for good. We see that in Jesus, and we can find the good in shelter-in-place—and when we do, let’s mark the difference and never be the same again.

What will you do? I have a counselor who says, never waste a good crisis.

We are better together.

Gary Kendall
Catalyst Love KC

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