Prayer Leads to Care

Karl Ploeger had a plan to make a fair living, retire at 60 and then begin a career in full-time ministry and not have to worry about making a lot of money. He started getting his master’s degree in divinity online at Liberty University.

But God had different plans. At the end of last year, he found himself looking for new employment due to COVID. To make a long story short, the next thing he knew, at age 57, he was applying & interviewing for the Development Officers job at City Union Mission.

Since January of this year and after a long, successful career in sales and advertising, he’s now the Chief Development Officer at the 97-year-old rescue mission, City Union Mission, in the heart of Kansas City.

Karl lives out the Pray, Care, Share, Disciple lifestyle that we talk so often about here at Love KC. His life is an excellent example of the ‘Care’ aspect. We know that when we begin to pray and put ourselves in a position to be used by God to bless and care for others, He begins to show us His answers to our prayers and the action He has prepared for us.

For Karl, his prayers led him to express his care through the avenue of being the Chief Development Officer at the City Union Mission. He had supported the Mission until this point but had never considered that this was the place God could call him after he retired. Finally, however, he was brave enough and trusted the Lord enough in His guidance to follow His leading.

Because of his obedience, God has allowed him to serve poor and homeless men, women, and children in multiple facets across a broad spectrum. The Mission also has a Community Assistance Program, food pantry, and several thrift stores to help fund and provide resources.

They serve three meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, every year, they have what’s called Mission Christmas, serving 5,000 community members on the poor side of the economic scale.

Amazingly, 75% of the rescue beds in Kansas City are at the City Union Mission. They also have infirmary beds for those with medical issues, provide health services within the Mission and always have a nurse on staff. These services make them unique in that they can handle some challenges that some other resources in the city can’t.

They host their men and women from around 8-16 months, focusing on vocational and educational training, life skills, addiction issues, and faith issues. They hear about Jesus, the salvation story, and how they can transform their lives according to God’s Word.

Their Camp Consito in Warsaw, MO, serves over 600 kids a year from the KC Metro area. He receives 3 or 4 letters a month from those who saw their life change at Camp Consito. Some letters come 60-70 years later stating that they remember being counselors and seeing their lives changed, or maybe saw a family member’s life changed.

God has a different plan of action for all of us to ‘Care’ for whom we are praying. We are all unique in our giftings, callings, circumstances, influence, personalities, etc. So we encourage you to go as the Spirit leads.

To learn more about the City Union Mission and how you can help, serve or donate, please go to Would you pray for the homeless that come in and that their guests will stay long-term to get the care they need?

We pray this ‘Pray, Care, Share, Disciple’ model motivates the Church into action as it did Karl. Thank you for being here!

God bless you,

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