Hope for Children through Caring for Kids Network

Caring for Kids Network started as a 501(c)3 in 2013. Their vision is to see all children have hope and reach their highest potential. If you love kids and want them to have hope, you can partner with Caring for Kids to help brighten children’s lives and futures. They use a missional cause of mobilizing community organizations in partnership with schools to help prepare kids to impact the world. 

Porsche Seals became the Executive Director in Sept. 2020. She originally started with CFKN in 2015 as a church partner and PTA president/representative for her children’s school. She joined the staff as a Partnership Director in 2017.

Their 385 Community Partners consist of 162 churches, 109 businesses, 114 civic/non-profit organizations. They serve Preschools, Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and Alternative Programming in seven school districts in the Metropolitan area, representing 90 schools. 

Through their work, they have completed over 3,200 projects that support principals’ goals. In addition, they mobilized over 3,000 volunteers and indirectly served over 41,000 students. 

COVID changed the game for them in the last year and a half. They couldn’t mentor kids anymore. The church ladies could no longer make meals to drop off. They couldn’t just pop into the classroom to encourage and appreciate teachers anymore. Principals weren’t sure how partners could be utilized and mobilized. In addition, with all the guidelines being different with each school, they had to learn how to be contextual.

They went back to the drawing board over and over, but God gave them the grace to make the changes needed to continue serving. A lot of good has come out of this time, and they continue to implement what they learned.

One of the most significant accomplishments of Caring for Kids is creating a pathway for churches and organizations to get into schools to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They love seeing goals achieved by the collective body of Christ coming together to serve kids, teachers, and families. Many of these goals are challenges that principals see and want to change such as staff morale, low attendance, retention, and keeping good teachers. 

Porsche states, “It is so rewarding to see partners sit around the table, hear the goals and ask questions like, ‘What can I do to help a teacher stay or a kid learn math?’ This collaborative work only happens in relationship building. Once a relationship is built, the community is never the same. Pastors get to know each other, and business leaders get to know each other as well.”

Not only are kids getting help, but teachers are feeling supported. Principals feel they have advocates, and business leaders have a way to contribute. Churches are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s a win-win for families.

If you want to pray for Caring for Kids, some unique challenges are engaging more partners, increasing funding, giving love and support to their community with no strings attached, and finally, staying in the game. They need patience, endurance, and long-suffering to build these relationships. 

One of the ways that Love KC is partnering with Caring for Kids is stressing to churches and individuals that one of the primary ways to care is to serve at your local elementary school. Have you checked out the online resources available for you at Lovekc.net?

For example, 3,200 Lights in Kansas City have adopted their neighborhood using blesseveryhome.com. In Kansas City, there are 338 school districts. Of those, 331 have at least one Light. Love KC is plotting out each region with the Lights and churches inside the school districts to see every school district adopted.What if we could see EVERY school district in Kansas City adopted by a disciple living on-mission. 

Have you adopted your neighborhood? Can you think of a friend who would be willing to be a Light and adopt their neighborhood to pray, care, and share? Stay tuned for more information on adopting a school in your district! 

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