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When we say, “prayer,” care and share…

In a good relationship there is a healthy give and take of listening and communicating and this is true of meaningful prayer.


Prayer is the starting place for a relationship with God and it is as simple as talking to Him. In fact, we encourage you to think about prayer as a dialog versus prayer as a list of your requests. After you talk be sure you take time to listen. Pray with your Bible open as God is always speaking through His word.


A good way to think about prayer is to think about breathing. You breathe out, exhale, and you breathe in, inhale. In prayer, you breathe OUT your requests, needs, aspirations, praises and hopes. You breathe IN the expectation that He will be speaking to you. Listen for Him to speak.

God Speaks

God speaks through His Word, the scriptures, and through His Spirit. Reading the scripture and praying is a great way to initiate dialog. Often His voice seems to be a whisper into your mind like a thought that He generates.


The Spirit speaks to apply the scriptures to your life and your situation. You may even sense the promptings of the Spirit with desires or thoughts that some from God in this process.

Let’s get started

Bring your neighbors, friends, co-workers and extended family before God in prayer. No doubt God will draw you closer to Him in relationship. God will give divine ideas as how to reach out to them with His love.

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