Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Mr. Rogers had a lot to say about being a good neighbor. He taught us how to show our neighbors that they were special, loved and cared for.

We also talk a lot about neighboring here at Love KC. There’s good reason for that. It’s because being a good neighbor is where it’s at!

Our God is a relational God. In the heart of man, He deposited this same longing for relationship, not only with Him, but with one another.

For about 11 years now, Lexi Lang and her husband, Nathan, have been making it a priority to connect with their neighbors and be out in the community.

It all started when they did a Bible study at church. The guy teaching showed this grid about neighbors and asked if they knew who their neighbors were. They were very bothered that their answer was no!

So they became intentional in reaching out to meet their neighbors.

They began prayer walking the neighborhood met neighbors along the way.

They’ve made some S’mores in their driveway. It became contagious because other families started doing S’mores in their driveway, too.

Unintentionally, their dog can escape often and end up in their neighbors’ yards. So they even meet their neighbors this way! Capitalize on every opportunity, right?

They also lived close to a dog park so they spent a lot of time meeting other neighbors with dogs.

They have set up a refreshment station with drinks and cinnamon rolls. It’s been another popular way to connect with neighbors.

They do a summer camp almost every year. Their church hosts it for people in the neighborhood to come, interact and meet other kids.

They’ve done a lot of things in group settings. Sometimes they invite closest neighbors over in driveway for S’mores or a meal.

When BlessEveryHome.com was introduced into their neighboring, it enhanced their efforts even more.

Lexi experienced many times in groups when neighbors would meet together, more often than not, she would meet like five families but then only remember one name and forget all the other names.

She didn’t want to go back and ask, ‘Oh, sorry what was your name, again? Can you please spell that for me?’

Now that she has BlessEveryHome.com, she looks up their name and address as they walk the neighborhood and pray for them.

She makes notes about each family, such as one of their children having surgery, for instance. She wanted to bring the family a meal after the surgery and didn’t want to forget. BlessEveryHome.com helped her to remember this!

It’s been very helpful in keeping families straight and what’s going on in their lives so she can follow up with them.

For her, she says, “Simple systems are key. I need simple systems that I can go back to and find some success.”

She’s left notes, post cards and treat bags, especially at Christmas time, on their front porch.

Especially with the times we are living in, people are lonely, isolated and even more desperate for community and relationship.

Lexi is an introvert and says that it is not easy for her to reach out to people but she has learned and knows how important relationships are. So she has made herself be more relational and intentional. The fruit has been well worth it.

She’s become to appreciate the value of relationships so much more. She says if she can do it, anyone can do it. BlessEveryHome.com helps make it easier for her to reach out.

Your neighbors would probably never say this to you, but many of their hearts are silently asking you, ‘Won’t you be my neighbor?’

God bless you as you answer God’s grand call of neighboring.

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