What’s Next?

What’s Next?

The story of a global pandemic leads to a worldwide recession interrupted by racism’s evil: protests that start peaceful turn into looting, burning, and riots.

How do we construct reform to achieve truly equitable justice?

Is there a second COVID 19 spike coming?

What does it take to get in-person church gatherings open, or is it too soon for large crowds?

What happens when you throw an election year on top of all this?

With 41.5 M people unemployed and businesses closing, how long will banks hold up?

The very fabric of life as we know it is stretched and tearing.

If you are a pastor, would you take a few minutes to take a national survey about faith and race? You’ll see the national results, as will I, when you finish.


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The Psalmist, David, wrote, “I lift up my eyes to the hills from which my help comes” in Psalm 121:1. Did you know he was intentionally sarcastic?

The hills were places where idols and false gods were positioned as if they could rule and affect the lives of those who lived in the valley because of their lofty vantage point.

David mocked the idea that just because the so-called-gods were strategically positioned, they could solve the problems.

Does any of this sound familiar?

He confidently continued, “My help comes from God, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2

God created the hills–and everything else for that matter—He is the One who has solutions. God is the One in whom we find security. He doesn’t just bring peace. He IS our peace.

In our situation, God is the only One who knows the way forward to righteousness, peace, and justice. He isn’t just big with grand plans; He is able.

Jesus is personal and cares for the least, the last and the lost.

When we don’t understand His ways, we trust His heart.

What’s next? We don’t know.

Who is ultimately in control? We know.

We’ve read the rest of the Psalm. We’ve read the back of the book, and we know how it ends.

So yes, look up, but beyond the hills to the heavens.

Take heart, you are loved…and He’s got the whole world in his hands.

Sing along if you’d like.

Praying with you,


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