S2 E3: Pray

Gary Kendall and Brooke McMahan discuss Lesson Three in Season 2 of the B.L.E.S.S. Podcast from the lovekc.net Online Discipleship Course.

We teach a ‘Pray, Care, Share, Disciple’ lifestyle. We put ‘Pray’ first for a good reason. There’s a powerful connection, we think, between the first great commandment to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and the second one, to love your neighbor as yourself. We really need that first one, the loving God component, to be able to accomplish the second one. In this episode called ‘Pray’, we’re going to talk about this loving God component and talk about the connection that we call prayer.

There’s a reason that Jesus started with ‘Love God’ before He got to ‘Love your neighbor.’ When we think about loving God, probably the primary way we can connect with God is through prayer, and then worship would be a close second. But prayer is one of the primary gifts that God has given us to be able to build a relationship with him. So we make it our priority. The Cross reminds us that sacrifice is necessary. Prayer connects us to the One who makes all this sacrifice worthwhile. When it comes to the ‘Pray, Care, Share, Disciple’ lifestyle, prayer is first for a very good reason. When we talk about prayer, we want to try to make it as simple as we can. In the words of Pete Greig concerning prayer, he says, ‘We ought to keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up.’ Listen in to learn more about how to simplify prayer to connect with God, connect with others and help to connect them to God.

Be blessed!