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Episode 13: Talking “Significant Matters” with Tom Bassford

We want to Care but without creating dependency The pray, care, share, and disciple lifestyle is a positive way to impact our world providing we don’t create dependency in the lives of those for whom we care. A few years ago, several books came out, “When Helping Hurts” and “Toxic Charity,” that shook up the…

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Episode 11: Disciples Made

God has given each of his children natural born gifts and abilities but what about personal convictions? What about those feelings deep down that tell you that you were made for more? Where do those come from? Do you suppose that God uses natural abilities, spiritual gifts and life’s experiences to create in us the…

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Episode 10: Caring For Kids

Nancy Mitchell leads Caring for Kids, a mission that connects school, churches and business partners. She illustrates how we can emphasize “care” in the pray, care, and share lifestyle. Nancy shares stories of life-change in the students, teachers and those serving.  Show Transcript Welcome to the BLESS podcast, where we join Jesus, where He is…

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Episode 9: Gary Kendall Shares The Why

Host Gary Kendall of the B.L.E.S.S. Podcast is often asked why he left a large church Lead Pastor position to launch Love KC and work with Listen for the “only God…” stories and the paradigm-shifting thinking related to disciples living on mission every day where they live, learn, work and play. Transcript Donna Moore:…

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Episode 8: The Changing Face of Evangelism

Sharing our faith must change as our culture changes. So how do we keep up with our vocabulary and our strategy in this ever-changing world? Listen in to Episode 8 of the B.L.E.S.S. Podcast where Dave Robinson, the Director of Cru City’s Movements joins Host Gary Kendall, Catalyst for Love KC in Kansas City to…

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Episode 7: Pray, Care and Share

In Episode 7 Host, Gary Kendall, Blesseveryhome Prayer Catalyst interviews Norm and Debbie Przybylski about their pray, care, and share journey. Their amazing stories and obvious love for God inspire and equip us to reach our friends and neighbors. Debbie’s website: Transcript Gary:  Welcome to the BLESS podcast where we join Jesus where He’s…

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Episode 6: God Uses Introverts

In episode 6 of the BLESS podcast, Gary Kendall, introduces Jane Flora Swick, a relatively new user to She describes herself as an introvert but her stories will show you how God works through her and her husband, Mark, in their neighborhood. Transcript Gary:  Welcome to the BLESS podcast. My name is Gary Kendall,…

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Episode 5: Next Door As It Is In Heaven

Gary Kendall interviews author Lance Ford Meet author Lance Ford who is a national leader sharing on how to reach your neighbors and bring heaven to earth. Lance tells the story of engaging a neighbor who was certain he would be rejected. You’ll want to hear his take on being the voice of God’s word…

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Episode 4: How Loving A Neighbor Saved A Family

In episode 4 meet Robin Wood. Robin reminds us, never to give up, as he shares the story of a 14-year relationship with a neighbor, John, who was resistant until a potential divorce caused him to reach out for help. What happened next changed his life for generations to come. Robin is a lifelong friend…

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