Here we go–or do we?

This week it’s legal for churches to meet in person, but is this the right time?

On Thursday, May 14, Love KC, and What if the Church? hosted a one-hour discussion about re-entry.

To make the best decisions, we need to ask the right questions and have knowledgeable voices around us—because things are changing. 

What Matt Engel said on this Zoom call is priceless!

If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. This recording is worth sharing with your team or your Pastor.

Additionally, here is a link to a short follow-up video where Randy Frazee, Pastor of Westside Family Church, and I share about a tool churches can use to survey their congregation about their readiness to re-enter the gatherings.

As a next step, I attached directions to help you get you started.

This is a fluid situation and we’ve never been here before.

Seize the moment,

Gary Kendall

PS I invite you to take this week’s Pastor Poll to share how you are doing.
If you are a church leader we want to hear from you too in this leader’s survey