Episode 7: Pray, Care and Share

In Episode 7 Host, Gary Kendall, Blesseveryhome Prayer Catalyst interviews Norm and Debbie Przybylski about their pray, care, and share journey. Their amazing stories and obvious love for God inspire and equip us to reach our friends and neighbors.

Debbie’s website: intercessorsarise.org


Gary:  Welcome to the BLESS podcast where we join Jesus where He’s already at work where we live, study, work, and play. We are privileged to be able to talk about how Jesus is working ahead of us to prepare the hearts of people. And then we get to come along and partner with him to see people’s lives be affected for good.

John 10 says they are able to “have life and have it more abundantly.” We get to participate in that. I’m glad that you’re listening today.

I have a couple of guests here with me, Norm and Debbie Pryzbylski. Did I say that right? Was I close?

Norm:  No, Przybylski.

Gary:  All right, let’s get it right.

These are people that I’ve come to know in Kansas City. I just love their life and love their witness. I want them to tell a little bit about who they are but before I do that, let me introduce myself in case we haven’t met.

My name is Gary Kendall. I lead a ministry called Love KC here in Kansas City. I’m also the National Prayer Director for Blesseveryhome. I work with Chris Cooper and his staff at Blesseveryhome. Chris is the Founder. Chris’s vision is–that every home in the United States would be adopted by one or more disciples who are living the prayer, care, and share lifestyle.

I think that’s just code for saying we love God and we love our neighbor. Chris has motivated us and provided us with some great tools. Maybe you know about this podcast because you already subscribe to Blesseveryhome.com. You may be already praying for your neighborhood but if you aren’t we would love for you to find Blesseveryhome.com and begin to pray for your neighborhood.

When we say “neighborhood” what we mean is, where you live, study, work or play. You might be living out in the country and your sphere of influence is at work or your sphere of influence is your extended family. We just want you to be able to be an extension of Jesus wherever you are. Norm and then Debbie, take just a moment introduce yourselves. I’m so glad you’re here with us today.

Norm and Debbie: Thank you. 

Thank you Gary for having us on. We met each other in Latin America, in Mexico, and we started dating in Peru. We got engaged in Argentina and planned our wedding from Brazil.

Gary:  That’s exotic!

Norm:  We got married in Norfolk Virginia where we lived for 15 years before moving to Kansas City.

Gary: That’s great!

Norm:  We we both had been involved in overseas missions up until ’95. Then in ‘95 we did itinerary from Virginia and still do that right now.

Debbie:  I like to emphasize prayer. I have a prayer ministry called Intercessors Arise. It was as a young Christian that I really got motivated in the whole area of prayer. My mother prayed for me for three long years that God would take hold of my life and He did. On the mission field we were long-term missionaries. I was involved in a lot of prayer and I saw how God worked in nations and in people’s lives through prayer so that really excited me.

When I came back to the United States I felt like the Lord was saying, Debbie, you learned so much about prayer, now I want you to encourage other people in prayer. My vision is to encourage people in prayer globally to read in books articles. Then I also have my YouTube channel where I’m putting together courses on prayer. I try to motivate the average prayer that they can really pray and see God move through their prayers. 

Gary:  Yeah, the material and the resources are really are good. I enjoy reading your newsletters. And I’m grateful for the way God works through you. Thank you Debbie.

Now let’s start with prayer.  I always like to say that it’s not an accident that when we say pray, care, and share, we put prayer first. So let’s start there.

What is the effect that happens as we pray for our neighbors, friends, and relatives? How does God use our prayers? Are there some stories you have besides your own, which is exciting by the way? I love it that someone prayed you into the kingdom. But tell us a little bit about what is prayer does. When people are praying, how does God use it?

Norm:  Well I believe a lot of times when we meet a non-Christian there are barriers that have to be broken down. I feel like we soften the territory by praying for them. This happens when we pray for our neighborhood and we pray for our city. I believe praying for our nation really does have impact over time. I always encourage intercessors, and people who want to pray, that it takes time. It’s not an instant answer when we pray.

Debbie:  I’m part of the International House of Prayer here in Kansas City. We’ve been praying for Kansas City for years every day. And God is really working in Kansas City now because of that. We can see it through what Gary is doing and in different things happening here in the city. So God really moves in prayer over time.

As I said my mother prayed for me but when we were on the mission field we would go to nations and there’d be closed doors. But then we saw God break through even with weather patterns.  We’d be in storms where we prayed and God has stopped the storms and things like that. So God really does work through prayer. 

Gary:  Yes, He does. It’s a privilege and He gives power. You know where two or three are gathered together… You know He’s there. And when God comes it changes things. It changes the hearts of people. It can change a business. It can change a neighborhood and we certainly do see that in Kansas City.

You said it softens a territory. I often say, it softens soil. Think about that parable of the four different kinds of soil. The Gospel seed is the same in every case but sometimes it falls on hard soil. Sometimes it falls on shallow soil where there are weeds. Sometimes it falls on rocky soil. Sometimes it falls on a path but there is also the good soil. But when the children of the Father offer prayer this is not an equation, this is a relationship.  As we pray, God softens the soil and the hearts of people.

I’ve seen very hard people become open to the gospel of God. My uncle Gerald is an example of that. As a young man he felt called into the ministry. As he was preparing for ministry there was a real heartache that happened in first marriage. There was a lot of pain. He began to turn away from God. And then there were decades of distance between Gerald and God.

Our whole family was praying for him. I know my grandfather was especially praying all the way to his grave. Gerald didn’t turn to Christ until about two years before he died, he would have been in his late 70s early 80s then. But there was a complete 180- degree change in his life. You could hear it in the way he talked.

He used to always tell start a conversation with us with a dirty joke. I was like his common way of relating to me, and others. And he knew I was a pastor! It was his way of trying to keep me at a distance. But when he turned to God he couldn’t talk about God without crying he was so grateful. He had the most precious relationship with God in those last couple of years of his life.

You know the difference maker was prayer. A prayer was offered and it softened the soil of his soul. He turned to Christ and it was a definite turn. I think prayer got him there.

Norm:  That’s beautiful.

Gary:  Yeah. God is good isn’t he! Well Norm, you and I have talked about lighthouses of prayer before. That was actually the first term that I ever heard when the idea of adopting your neighborhood was used.  You’ve used that term before.

Tell me about your experience being a lighthouse of prayer and then maybe roll forward to today. What does it mean to be a light?

Norm:  Well I love to speak about that, especially because, you know, we are we’re all called to be Great Commission people. And the thing I oftentimes think about is the great potential in the local church if everybody saw their selves as a “missionary.”

When we returned back to the U.S., from overseas service in 1995, we were thinking, we just came from nations that were among the ripest nations for the gospel in the world. We literally had a conference room on a ship with space for 600 people. We’d fill it up with people every hour and a half and we’d see 60 or 70 people respond to God.

Gary:  That’s amazing.

Norm:  Yeah. And so we came back to the U.S. we thought how could we ever match that? We wondered how could we be presenting the Gospel to our neighbors in North America. We lived two miles from the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach. They had multiple television stations and every opportunity there to get the word out. We wondered what could we do to be missional in the right context.

And we heard about this movement in India where people were going to their neighbors after praying for them beforehand. They would go to them saying, we are praying for you. Is there anything that we could pray with you about?  They would say things like, yeah, I have a son that’s sick. Or they might tell us of their health problem. We would pray and see God move in. God began touching people’s hearts.

We heard of prayer, care, and share through Mission America. And I think Mission America is still active. What we did is, we said, Hey, we’re going to adopt our Virginia Beach neighborhood of 390 houses. First we are going to call together all the other believers that we know in the neighborhood which were many. And we found out who they were by the bumper stickers on their car or license plate slogans or something on their house. We’d knock on their door and we say, hey, you know we’re here. We are on mission and we invite you to join us.  

We began to pray with a group of about 12 other neighbors once a week. Then it turned into every other week and then once a month. But over the course of three, going to four years, we saw 34 people in that neighborhood make some kind of response to the gospel.

Gary:  That’s incredible!

Norm:  This is without us having to pressure them. More or less they began to see us as the quote unquote pastors of the neighborhood. And so that was the beginning of our adventure there. 

Gary:  You know I heard you use the term earlier today when you said “every person a missionary, every neighborhood a mission field.” Elaborate a little bit on that term.

Norm:  Yeah, that’s not it exactly but close enough. The idea that goes along with that is–in Acts 17:26 it says, God determined the times set for them and ordained the exact places where men will live.

So we would say to people, you know, that while you might have chosen that house because it was within your budget or you liked color or you like what the street or whatever but somehow, in the sovereignty of God, He determined that you would live there. And He determined the neighbors around you, that that they would live there for the purpose of knowing Him. Right?

We become the bridge. So then we would tell people that it’s a very doable thing (to live on mission). In fact, we began to see, as we were praying for our neighborhood, it was almost like God was yearning to hear someone pray for people whose names we may have never been mentioned before. And when we prayed we’d begin to see remarkable things happen, many remarkable things. 

Gary: I believe that. You know one of my favorite pictures in the Bible is that picture in Revelation (Revelation 7:9) of the Father on his throne. People from every nation, every tongue and language were before Him. I think about how my father’s heart likes to have my kids close and I long to hear their conversations and see them interact with each other. Most of all I want them living in harmony and to be doing well. I think about our Father wants to gather His children from all over the earth. He wants every neighborhood to know Him. Every neighborhood has its own culture and some neighborhoods are far from God. But the Father’s heart is still for them. He’s still longing. He’s still drawing. But He really needs for His people to join Him in that activity.  

Just as Jesus became flesh, and came to earth, He needs to use our lives incarnationally among our neighbors. 

Norm:  One of the things I began to mention before was that our neighborhood was just two miles from one of the biggest ministries in North America—The Christian Broadcasting Network. And so there were a lot of employees from CBN in that neighborhood. There were a lot of church people. In fact, the area of Hampton Roads Virginia is something like Kansas City where there’s 3000 plus churches in that area and over one 1.5M people.

We thought, wow, you know, what can we do? And yet the thing that excited me, and many others, about this is–we took church outside the four walls. If people wanted to go to church they had lots of options. It’s like getting off the interstate on an exit and seeing a whole slew of fast food restaurants to choose from. There are a lot of churches. But we acknowledged what we call “the priesthood of the believers” where every person has a ministry. And when you take that ministry outside the walls of the local church suddenly it becomes so beautiful. It transforms the neighborhood. 

Gary:  Yeah, And when you’re involved in reaching out to your neighborhood or sharing the gospel with somebody or involved in prayer with others, there’s such a joy. You feel like–this is what I made for! This is what I’m supposed to do. This is what excites my heart. So if you want to have an excited heart, reach out to your neighbors. Reach out to somebody in the store or be involved in praying for others for your neighborhood.

Hey Debbie, take us back a little bit to when you first started praying, like back to the beginning when you had a desire to pray but you didn’t know what prayer was all about. How did you get from, I know I should pray, to “It’s my favorite part of the day.” 

Debbie:  Yes. Well I just began to spend time with God and I think prayer takes time to learn; it takes time to cultivate. So I just had a burden in my heart and then I began to read things about prayer and then I began to practice prayer. And then I got in in groups with other people that prayed so I learned from others. But it all started with me being alone with the Lord. My church practices being in His presence alone. That’s how it started.

But as I begin to cultivate it myself I then read things about prayer I’ve been reading about prayer for over 40 years and I still love to read about prayer because it excites me. And so I want to excite others about prayer. But it was a step by step and it is learning from others as well. I also found someone who was a peer mentor.

Gary:  Prayer is really a relationship isn’t it?

Debbie:  It’s a relationship. So the better we get to know God, as you mentioned, then we’re beginning to understand who He is. We learn what He is about. Our heart kind of just resonates back to His. Prayer is more than setting aside a certain time or a certain behavior where I need to get the words right. It actually is freer flowing because we enjoy relating to God.

Gary:  Exactly. And now you write about it.

Debbie:  Yes. I love it.

Gary:  Now I want to take a step forward then from prayer to care because we talk about these three words, prayer, care, and share. A few years ago it was very popular, maybe a decade ago, to do random acts of kindness. You’ve probably heard that term here. And I participated. I still like to do that from time to time but better than random acts of kindness is a laser directed pinpoint caring where a God reveals something to you about a need or a person and you go care for them in the specific way that He shows you and I bet you have stories about that.

I’ll just add, before we get to those, just one more thing here. What happens in the life of a person when they have someone who meets a specific need is they feel cared about by God. They might even say how did you know? And many times we don’t know. We just feel led to act in a certain way. But by following the leadership of the Holy Spirit they actually sense God is caring about them. They sense God reached out through you which makes them more open to realizing God is a God of love.  And He is. He is a God who wants to be involved with them in a personal relationship. So do you have any thoughts about that or stories?

Norm: Well again our experience in Virginia was that we lived in a suburban area, not super affluent, but affluent and very materialistic. So people generally had a lot of their physical needs taken care of whereas in a lot of places where people are doing this kind of ministry there’s people who have real diverse material needs. But what we found is that the needs that people have, like you alluded, go well beyond the material needs of friendship and companionship. Loneliness is a huge thing so some of our random acts of kindness were random.

We had a lot of military people in our neighborhood. There were moms whose husbands were deployed with the Navy. They had issues with their houses were they were struggling with. So we’d go over and we’d help with that. Some of the other Christians in the neighborhood would go over and do yard work and things like that.

If we bought a get two pizzas for the price of one we would take the second pizza and write somebodies name on it. We’d say, hey we’re thinking about you and praying for you and drop it off at their door or something like that. It was really just showing He was reaching out in a caring way. It bridges in a sense the pray, care, and share that you know of.  

We were programmed to think of the crusade mentality in evangelism, or you know, cold turkey evangelism, which is a very hard hitting. And that scares a lot of believers from even wanting to attempt that share. But what I took away from this whole experience was that if I could, on a daily basis, light one small candle in the life of somebody in my neighborhood, or in a grocery store, or on an airplane, or wherever, then the Lord is great enough to see fit that someone else might come along later and light another candle.

Gary:  Absolutely.

Norm:  And when there were enough candles lit then there will be illumination and revelation of who cared for them.

Gary: I love that. 

I often think that our privilege is just to walk people a step at a time. You know, I think that some people think sharing is like going all the way from “I don’t know Him” to now they’re praying to receive Jesus. It doesn’t usually work that way at least for me. Sometimes I might help a person move from “A” to “B” or maybe from “F” to “J” on a really good day. Someone else is going to come along and pick up from there with the letters that follow. 

Norm: Well, the Baptist in our city were really good at picking the fruit that we had we ripened. 

Gary:  Yeah right! You know that some sow and some harvest. 

Debbie:  Yeah, I just want to mention one other way to really care for people. We used to call prayer walking. If somebody’s sick, or says they have a need, we pray for their healing right then. We found that to be so effective. I don’t know if you (Norm) want to tell the story about Rich.

Norm:  Yeah well, there were several divine healings. We used the BLESS method—“B,” for their bodies, “L” for their labor, “E” for their emotions, “S” for their social standing and “S” for their salvation. So we’d oftentimes go to people in our neighborhood and say, how can we pray for you? Because they began to see us as pastors of the neighborhood they would come to us with special needs. In one case we were prayer walking and a couple, with whom we’d become very close, said, you need to go to the hospital because, Rich, a neighbor further down the street was riding his motorcycle. Someone T- boned him. Now he’s in a coma. And so we went to the hospital that evening. We didn’t know the full extent of it except that there were no vital signs besides what the machine was producing. From everything we understood at that point he wasn’t going to make it through the night. 

He had a cracked skull and broken vertebrae. But we told him the Gospel thinking maybe he might be able to hear. We put a drop of oil on his head and prayed for him and left. A day or two later he got up off the table that he was on. The nurses and doctors were shocked. They thought, this shouldn’t be happening. And by that by the afternoon of the next day he was walking his dog. Later we found out this we had another neighbor tell us.  I’ve I never been able to verify this, but another neighbor told us that they had already declared that he was clinically deceased.

Gary:  Wow! 

Norm:  So Debbie said to him, Rich, what is what is God’s saying to you through this? He said it’s a big wake up call.

Yeah but what was even greater is, because the whole neighborhood knew about what happened to Rich, they all knew about his healing. So we had other neighbors coming up to us and people who weren’t church people saying, Norm, did you hear what happened to Rich? And I said, Yeah, isn’t God great! It’s just the words that Jesus said, let your works be done before men so that they may glorify your Father in heaven.

Gary: I love it. Jesus said, when He sent his disciples out, to proclaim the kingdom of heaven is here. Heal the sick and rive out the demons. So these are very practical tangible things that were happening in the world where they lived. People could see the evidence of God. And I think that it’s needed in our world today.

One of the things that I like to encourage people to do is bring Jesus into the conversations out in the open spaces. We’re good about talking about Jesus inside the church building but a lot of a lot of us have a hard time talking about Jesus when we’re not in the church. We are good talking with other believers when we’re out in open spaces like restaurants or in our neighborhood or anywhere else. But I love it when God’s people bring the kingdom of heaven into our world today by talking normally about things we see God do. Now obviously, what you mentioned isn’t “normal.”

But in the kingdom of God, where all things are alive and where healing is natural and health is of God we’re bringing heaven to earth. So why wouldn’t we see life? Why wouldn’t we see health? Why wouldn’t we see change? God is in our world. And when we expect these things and we walk in that kind of expectation we’re going to see God work. 

Norm:  Yeah. It’s a beautiful thing. And we saw it in several other instances like with back healing and so forth. It’s like the Lord wants to give people faith through those answers.

Gary: You know, I’m really not a salesperson but I wish every church person in America would just get out there and get to know their neighbors. If they would pray with and for their neighbors it would like partnering with God to impart faith. People will acknowledge they need prayer if you’re not weird about it. They don’t necessarily think that something strange is going happen, of course they don’t know, but I find that people are open to be prayed for. Many times they say, please, pray for me. So prayer is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the Care part of prayer, care and share.

Now let’s move on to the Share part for a moment. We’re already touching on share just a little bit. I was in an Uber not too long ago. As I was riding along in this this car I was praying that God would give me the opportunity to share with the Uber driver. The young man, who is only 19 years old, was from a country I couldn’t pronounce. I asked him two or three times to tell me what country it was but I couldn’t understand his accent. I was sitting behind him and I don’t know what he knows. I don’t know anything about his life, really. I’m just praying asking God for an opportunity to share with him.

And at some point I felt like I couldn’t find anywhere in the conversation so I just said, do you know the story of Jesus. It was quiet for a moment. And then he says, yes. That didn’t give me a lot to work with.

So I was thinking, Okay, well at this point, either I’m quiet and don’t follow that up. Or I need to follow up with something fairly quickly. And so I just began to share a little bit about my story.

I said, well, the story of Jesus has really changed my life. Before I found real life in Jesus I tried to find life through a lot of other things–the things that everybody else thinks give life. Like through sports and through entertainment and relationships. I tried to work hard. I wanted to accomplish things. I really wanted to climb the ladder and be the best. And what I discovered is at every step along the way there are lots of things that make life difficult.

Then when I found Jesus He satisfied my soul in a way far greater than anything I could have imagined. I found what I was looking for even though I didn’t know it at the time.

At that point he said, I believe in Jesus.

And I said, great! Tell me about that. So he began to tell how that missionaries came to his country and shared Christ with the people in his neighborhood. And then he, and his family, his mom and dad and others had chosen Christ. So for years he’s been following Christ and growing in Christ. He moved to America and he really hadn’t got plugged into a church or anything else like that. 

When we got to the end of our destination he reached in the glove box and he pulled out a Bible and showed me his Bible. He carried it with him in the car. As I got out, I said, you know I became a follower at a young age. And you’re a very young man. He had told me earlier that he was getting married soon. And I just encouraged him. I said, you know, I really want to encourage you, when you get married, to make Christ the center of your home. Pray with your wife and make prayer an important part of your relationship. You’ll be able to see God really work in your life and you’ll be able to build on a strong foundation.

I was able to share with my Uber driver. God was able to work it out from a very cold start. I prefer a warmer start. But God can even use one like that. I think we can start wherever we can with people but we need to share.

If we don’t talk about the gospel out in open spaces the only thing left is for people to go to a church or turn on a TV or radio. And the chances we know in our culture of that happening are pretty low. So God gun really is depending upon us to be his mouthpieces in our world. 

Norm:  You know I was just thinking about that Gary. We have pretty much a pretty cookie cutter type of approach to evangelism many times. But the thought that was brought up in a book called, I think it is called, Lifestyle Evangelism or maybe it is The Master Plan of Evangelism; I’m not sure which it is—that Jesus discipled his 12 before they believed in Him, before they believed who He was. So that really takes a lot of pressure off me.

I know that before I encounter people He is ensuring that they have opportunities. The Lord is bringing people to get to know them and building a trust relationship with them so that they could hear in their heart and God’s word is spoken in their needs even before they really pray the sinner’s prayer.  

Gary:   That’s the best!

Norm:   Yeah, absolutely. But I like those other opportunities too where you just…in fact, I won’t go that’s another story. Well, do you want to hear another story? It’s an airplane story.  

Gary:  Sure.

Norm:  Okay. Flying back from Greece, in an airplane, there’s a seat between me and a young woman from Greece. I said to the Lord, I’m so tired. I said, Lord, please don’t have me speak anymore. So I just exchanged pleasantries. I said, hi, how are you?

But she happened to be very talkative. She asked me a lot of questions. I told her that I came and went to Greece to do missions work outreach to refugees. And she began to joke and say she’d meet me on a direct flight to hell. She explained to me that she had been married and had a miscarriage so her husband divorced her.

So she became very promiscuous. She said I love parties. I love drinking. I love boys and we are on a direct flight to hell.  

At that point I told her the story of the prodigal son. And then I drew out the old Campus Crusade illustration of the bridge. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. And she says that’s amazing!

And we prayed right there on the plane. After we prayed she said, do you believe in dreams? And I said, Yeah. And she says last night I dreamt that I was on this plane talking to a man about God.

Gary:  Wow!

Norm:  And then when we got off the plane she gave me a big fat Greek hug and she says you changed my life today. So those are the kind of experience that I love having.

Gary:   I’m glad you told that story. I mean the Bible says be ready at any time. And He used that. So I’ll tell you no airplane story too.

We took our youth group to Mexico and on the last night of our mission trip I let the kids stay up all night if they wanted. We stayed at a hacienda outside of Monterrey, Mexico. I said, don’t do anything sinful but since this is the last night, if you want to have good honest fun just enjoy the night. Go ahead and just, you know, play games and talk.

So they played the guitar and did what they wanted to do. They had a very fun night of running around and doing things. This, of course, meant that all of us who were adults were up the whole time too.

When we got to the airport our plane was delayed. So what do you think that all 20 of them did? They fell sound asleep. They were all sleeping on the floor of the airport and we had this big pile of luggage. I decided I guess I need to stay awake and watch the luggage because they’re very busy airport.

So I’m watching the luggage and trying to stay awake. Finally they called our plane and we all got on. I’m like the last one on because I’m making sure all of them get on. I’m thinking what you thought, Norm, I hope I can sleep. I’ve got a five-hour trip here and God, I would talk to anybody anytime but please let this not be the time.

You know I came down the aisle and I’m hoping that there’s no one in my set of three seats because this plane was not full but sure enough there was a guy there. And so I thought, okay, God, I will do whatever you want me to do.

I sat down there and he he looked at me and he goes, Are you in charge of all of those kids? And I said, Yeah. And he goes, Are you a pastor? And I said, Yeah. And he goes, oh great!

And I said, what do you mean?

He said, well a pastor is like the last person in the world I would want to talk to you right now. And I said, really? Tell me about that, why? I was wondering why he would say that.

He started telling about how that he had been on this business trip to Mexico and he didn’t really know what came over him but he’d just completely lost all of his morals. He had an affair with a coworker there and now he’s on this plane going back to his home not knowing what to do.  You know, what he can say to his wife? He’s feeling horrible about everything that just happened and now he has to sit beside a pastor who’s there to remind him of all the things that he did wrong.

I said, well, I’m not here for that. I said what I could be here for is to remind you that, in all of this, God loves you and that God never quit caring for you even while you somehow lost your moral compass. In fact we could probably agree that God put me in a seat beside you because He cares and because He loves your wife and family who you are going back to meet.

Your life doesn’t have to be a disaster. In fact God is a God of restoration and resurrection. We celebrate that in the death of Jesus He brings resurrection. God has good plans for you. That’s why He offers us forgiveness.

Christianity is really a story of God loving us at our worst and offering us forgiveness. And God has forgiveness for you right now. If you want to receive it and it’s not based on what you do or what you’ve done it’s based on what He already did for you before you ever sinned. He knew you needed a Savior. He’s prepared the way for you even right now. He’s offering you a life instead of death.

The guy was just weeping. We prayed together and then talked the rest of the trip about what to do when he got home.

So yeah, God is beautifully and wonderfully working, seeking to draw his children to Himself. How many people are out there like that?

People often expect that what they’re going to get from God is condemnation. And the two of the most powerful words you can use are love and grace. Typically its shame that they’re feeling but they think it they attribute it to God.

The enemy will lead them to sin and then accuse them, which is a really sad thing.

Thanks for sharing those stories. Do you want to add anything here as we kind of get to the end of this podcast?

Debbie:   Tell us about your resources.

Debbie: Well I have several courses I’m doing. I have a course called, “How to Start a Lighthouse of Prayer” that I hope to have done next month. And another one is, “How to Powerfully Pray God’s word for Breakthrough”. I’ve got a course on “Intimacy with God” and if any of you want to take that course you could probably find it on my website.

Gary:   We’re going to feature it at www.loveKC.net too so people can find it there.

Debbie:  Thank you. I love to encourage people about prayer.

Norm:  I married her because she was pretty. That’s when we first met. But I thought, well, she’s also an intercessor. She couldn’t play the piano or singer but she could pray. So I thought this is a pretty good catch!

Gary:   Norm and Debbie thank you so much for coming in today. To those of you who are listening, I just encourage you to allow God to build stories in your life.

One of the things I hear from people all the time is when I start praying for of my neighbors then I began to see God go to work. God’s fingerprints are on things all around me and I start to be more aware of the fact that God is drawing people to Himself. Then we get to be a partner with God and that it’s a beautiful thing.

Norm:  Can I make one last comment? There’s a verse in Jude and this might be misinterpreted but I’ll give you my interpretation. It says be sharing your faith so that you might know every good thing that you have increased. So the side benefit to all this is that it keeps us from losing our first love.

We continue to be reminded by telling others of what Christianity is really all about, the focus on the cross and the immense love of God, then our own hearts maintain a vibrancy that they don’t otherwise maintain.

Gary:  I love that. I’m so glad that you shared that. 

So we always say, let’s join Jesus where He’s already at work where you live, study, work, and play. Maybe someday we can be telling your stories on this podcast.

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So subscribe, like it and share it. Let’s get the stories out there until we see every home in Kansas City adopted and every home in the United States adopted

And Debbie as you were saying earlier before we started this podcast that this (living on mission every day) is really how the church advanced from Acts and got all the way down the road till now. We are just joining the party at this stage of life and we want everyone to be involved. Well God bless you. Thank you.