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When we say, prayer, care, and “share…”

When you pray and care, it opens the relationship for you to share.

You can share your influence

It is important people understand that, you don’t want something FROM them, you want something FOR them. Volunteering to work at your local grade school is one example, there are many other ways to share.

You can share your story

Everyone has a story. People may debate doctrine or beliefs, but they are generally open to your story. It’s hard to deny what happened to you. Learn to share it briefly and leave them wanting more.

Think of conversation like tennis

A good way to judge their interest in the conversation is to think of the dialog like tennis. You serve into their court, and then you wait to see if the ball comes back. If it does you hit it again hoping to get into what tennis calls a “rally.” You want the conversation moving back and forth. If they stop hitting then be careful not to speak beyond their interest because you want them to talk again.

Share HIS story

Learn to share the Good News of Jesus in a way that relates to everyday life. We can help you. Sharing the story of Jesus is our highest privilege and our greatest priority.

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