Love KC exists to connect and mobilize Jesus followers in Kansas City in mission and prayer to adopt every neighborhood in the greater KC metro area.

Our Prayer

Our prayer is that everyone who wakes up in Kansas City has a Jesus follower in their own neighborhood that is praying for them by name, caring as Jesus cares, and sharing their life plus the Good News of Jesus.


Adopt every “neighborhood” with pray-care-share in the greater KC Metro area.

A “neighborhood” is defined as the geographic boundaries of the local elementary school. Pray-care-share is a neighboring strategy explained below.

Connect 100,000+ praying “kingdom” prayers, for Kansas City.


  • Ministry:  Prayer IS ministry
  • Equality:  Every person is created in the image of God and innately equal
  • Humility:  Do nothing out of selfish motivation (Philippians 2)
  • Unity:   Be one with Jesus and with other Jesus followers (John 17)
  • Collaboration:  Affirm the “big C” church and work cooperatively
  • Liberation:  Fight for the highest good FOR and WITH others
  • Multiplication:  Live as kingdom multipliers

Two Primary Strategies

  1. Adopt every neighborhood with prayer-care-share We resource Jesus followers to be good neighbors, following the strategy of Jesus (Matthew 22), where He said, “to love God…and to love your neighbor as yourself.”We support these neighbors that we call, “lights,” and teach a simple prayer-care-share strategy.

    Pray—pray daily for your neighbors by name.

    Care—care as Jesus gives insight and opportunity.

    Share—share your life, share your story, and share the Good News of Jesus.

    Use Bless Every Home – Our partner in adopting every neighborhood is the B.L.E.S.S. every home ministry. Sign up to pray for your neighbors by name and track your progress as you pray-care-share. You can pray for 5-15-25 or more.We define “neighborhood” as the natural geographic boundaries of the local public elementary school. There are approximately 400 elementary schools in the greater KC metro area (25-mile radius from downtown Kansas City, Missouri).

    Open your home – Backyard BBQs, Christmas teas, pitch-in meals, cookouts, and the like, are ways to open your home and share your life with those who are seeking. Be available so God can use you.The 

    Resource section has articles, stories, ideas, tools and more to help you pray-care-share.
  2. Connect 100,000+ in prayer – Weekly we publish a scriptural prayer for Kansas City. We hope to mobilize 100,000+ persons praying the same prayer in agreement weekly. Churches, networks, dominations, missional agencies, and more can uniquely brand the picture and scripture if desired. Our great hope is that Jesus followers in Kansas City unite in prayer.To access the weekly scriptural prayer click here.Imagine the power of agreeing prayer if all believers in Jesus prayed the same scriptural prayer together every week of the year! 

    Meet with other Jesus Followers – Build community by meeting with your neighbors at least once a month to share life and pray together. Study God’s word. Ask God how to be lights in your neighborhood.

    Prayer-walk – Exercise your faith and your body by prayer-walking your neighborhood.