Welcome to Love KC!

Gary, let’s love our city, Kansas City, to life in Jesus! We know Jesus cares about every person in KC and desires to be in a relationship. Let’s join Him in His pursuit.

Love KC connects and mobilizes prayer across our city through, what we call, the Missional Prayer Force. In addition, we coordinate with other ministries across Kansas City in hopes that a believer who will live out the prayer-care-share rhythms of life adopts every neighborhood in the greater Kansas City metro area.

The Missional Prayer Force

Is made up of Jesus followers from all over the city, from different denominations, churches, networks, and missional ministries. Once a week we send out a scripture placed on a picture of Kansas City. You will receive it in your inbox each week.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:19 that there is divine power when we agree in prayer.

Please pray and pass on these weekly scripture emails to your friends and followers. Let’s build the prayer force until heaven hears the crescendo! You can also join in on social media through LoveKCtoday. You can follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When you like it or share it, you give the opportunity for the Missional Prayer Force to grow.

Adopt Every Neighborhood

Love KC’s vision is to adopt every neighborhood in Kansas City with the prayer-care-share rhythms of life. When you do we call you a “light.” You can adopt your neighborhood by signing up at blesseveryhome.com. Bless Every Home is one of our partners in connecting and networking across Kansas City. Their twelve years of experience and advanced technology enables us to reach our city with your help.

You may want to adopt your neighborhood but not use the electronic support. Thank you. Please email us the neighborhood and the portion you’ve adopted so we can connect you to other nearby “lights” and offer the support available to you.

A light agrees to pray for their neighbors by name, care as Jesus leads, and share their story as God gives opportunity. The headings of prayer-care-share, at Lovekc.net detail how you can adapt and adopt the rhythms in your own personal way. There is plenty of room for your own approach. When you do, expect God to set up divine opportunities!

Feel free to explore the resources on this site. You will receive the weekly scripture picture and periodic updates.

Love KC is a partner with The Sending Project and Citywide Prayer. Feel free to contact Gary Kendall, Director of Love KC, if you have questions, stories, ideas or concerns.

Let’s live on mission every day and let’s do this together!

Gary Kendall