Our vision is that everyone who wakes up in Kansas City is within arm’s reach of a Jesus living on mission where they live, learn, work and play.  

We believe everyone who lives in Kansas City has the kingdom right to hearing the Good News of Jesus from a friend.


Love KC exists to connect and mobilize Jesus followers in Kansas City to live on mission. Jesus said, “follow me and I will teach you to fish for men1.” We serve so every disciple will confidently live out their faith and know what to say to reach their friends for Jesus. We support disciples to make disciples who make disciples. 


Adopt every “neighborhood” with pray-care-share in the greater KC Metro area. We estimate that there are 14,000 neighborhoods. 

A “neighborhood” is defined as the homes adopted by a Light living the pray-care-share lifestyle. Lights sign up through and adopt 12-230 homes. 

As of July 1, 2020, we have 2,624 neighborhoods adopted in Kansas City (a 35 mile radius from the T-Mobile Center, downtown KCMO). 

We are adding an average of 50 neighborhoods a month over the last 2.5 yrs.


Ministry: Prayer IS ministry

Equality: Every person is created in the image of God and innately equal

Humility: Do nothing out of selfish motivation (Philippians 2)

Unity: Be one with Jesus and with other Jesus followers (John 17)

Collaboration: Affirm the “big C” church and work cooperatively

Liberation: Fight for the highest good FOR and WITH others

Multiplication: Live as kingdom multipliers


Adopt every neighborhood with prayer-care-shareWe resource Jesus followers to be good neighbors, following the strategy of Jesus (Matthew 22), where He said, “to love God…and to love your neighbor as yourself.” We support these neighbors that we call, “lights,” and teach a simple prayer-care-share strategy.

Pray—pray daily for your neighbors by name.

Care—care as Jesus gives insight and opportunity.

Share—share your life, share your story, and share the Good News of Jesus.

Disciple—replicate the life of Jesus and teach those you reach to do the same.

Use Bless Every Home– is our partner in adopting every neighborhood. Sign up to pray for your neighbors by name and track your progress as you pray-care-share. You can pray for 5-15-25 homes or more.

Love Your Neighbor – Meet the needs in your neighborhood by using the sign-up tool on the landing page. When you know of needs write a care need ticket. When you want to be meet needs sign-up as a provider. Needs are collected and sent to providers who meet the need as a way to love your neighbor. 

Live the BLESS Rhythms – more

Open your home – Backyard BBQs, Christmas teas, pitch-in meals, cookouts, and the like, are ways to open your home and share your life with those who are seeking. Be available so God can use you.

Meet with other Jesus Followers – Build missional community by meeting with your neighbors at least once a month to share life and pray together. Be involved in a local church.

Prayer-walk –Prayer-walk – Exercise your faith and get in shape at the same time by prayer-walking your neighborhood. Use to learn the names of your neighbors and pray with insight. 

Start Discovery Bible Studies – Use as a guide. 

Our Resource section has articles, stories, ideas, tools and more to help you pray-care-share.