I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

Chris Cooper has an amazing vision—lights shining for Christ in every neighborhood in America. He aims to provide the best of technology in support of the prayer/care/share lifestyle.

The blesseveryhome.com website is his life’s work. There you can sign up to pray for your neighbors by name. You can sign up for ten, twenty-five, or even more. You will receive five names in your inbox every day (or whatever days you designate). You can pray from a map or a list.

You can also see where other “lights” are in your neighborhood— other believers who care about reaching others. You can exchange notes and pray together for your friends and neighbors.

Everyone a Hero

I think this was the secret of the book of Acts. Regular people were the heroes. Their lives were changed and they shared their faith. People gathered in each other’s homes to talk about life. The Spirit surrounded their efforts, and the common believer was filled with divine thoughts and spiritual energy. People used their gifts and God used their words to transform others.

If every neighborhood had a home where people met to share faith, it would change the perception of faith in our country. We would have lasting change. A movement of God would come that is organic and unstoppable. This is what’s happening around the world, why not here?

I’ve committed myself to Jesus’s message and his methods. I want to recover the dynamic of the early disciples’ faith and activity. I want to love God and love people. I want to see God’s love poured out in my neighborhood.

Will you join in?

You were made for this. You are uniquely gifted and prepared to be who you are, living where you live, doing what you do. As my friend Rob says, “You don’t have to leave your zip code to be on mission for Jesus. You don’t have to cross oceans, jungles or deserts.” Yes, you may have to reach a hand across a fence or mow someone’s lawn or say a word about Jesus to a needy neighbor in the supermarket, but you can do this.

Let Jesus be the center of your story and share your story with your friends.