DAY 8: The Power of Praying in Agreement

By Pastor Gary Schmitz, Executive Director of Citywide Prayer Movement


Lord, thank you for the life-changing power of your Word. Help me to obey your Word, so that my ways may please you and lead others to you.


MATTHEW 18:19–20

[Jesus said:] “And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them.”


This is one of my favorite Scriptures about the power of prayer. As Jesus walked the earth, he unlocked several amazing secrets to help us experience breakthrough in prayer.

Key in this verse is the word “agree.” In the original text, this is the Greek word symphoneo. From this word we get “symphony.” The secret Jesus reveals to his disciples is that when two or three or a hundred of us come into explicit agreement in prayer, and our petitions align with God’s will, our combined prayers arise before the throne of God as a wonderful symphony, a band of finely tuned instruments making a melodic sound.

When someone is leading in prayer, as they pray, I say in my heart or out loud, “Lord, I agree with this prayer.” In faith, I come into explicit agreement with the request and expect great results. Now imagine what can happen when a larger group of believers are all united saying, “Yes, Lord, I agree with this prayer!” We can be confident that God will respond.

Jesus says that praying in agreement is so powerful that his Father in heaven will grant “anything” we ask, according to God’s will. I believe individual prayer is very important and very powerful; however, Jesus tells us that when we agree in prayer we move God’s heart in a special way.

There is another piece of extraordinary information in this verse. Jesus says that he will be present when two or three believers come together in his name to pray about a matter. We can be sure that Jesus is with us and he is hearing our prayers loud and clear.


Today or later this week, gather with a few believers and pray in agreement for Kansas City. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for God’s blessing to be poured out on your community and that people who do not know God or who are brokenhearted will be restored. When one person prays, come into explicit agreement and say, “Yes, Lord.”

Closing Prayer

Lord, today I ask you to give me a fresh measure of faith to join with others in united prayers. Show me the power of agreement. Open the eyes of my heart to see that you are always in our midst when we pray together in unity.