DAY 7: Pray – Your Kingdom Come On Earth

By Pastor Gary Schmitz, Executive Director of Citywide Prayer Movement


Lord, thank you for the life-changing power of your Word. Help me to obey your Word, so that my ways may please you and lead others to you.


MATTHEW 6:9–10

[Jesus said:]

“This, then, is how you should pray:

‘Our Father in heaven:
May your holy name be honored

May your Kingdom come;
May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’”


The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and he gave them a model prayer known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” It can be recited without thought or true petition of the heart, or it can guide our prayers, becoming a divine force unleashing God’s glorious blessing on earth! We can pray “Your kingdom come” without any regard for the intent of Jesus, or we may pray “Your kingdom come” and the world itself begins to change.

I want my prayers to bring change.

The word “kingdom” is translated from the Greek word basileia, which refers to “the reign of the king.” Our King is God himself. So, when we pray, “Your kingdom come,” we are asking God to establish his rule and his reign in a region or a territory.

There are two primary realms of God’s rule and reign. The first is personal. When we surrender our will to the reign of God in our lives, the Holy Spirit begins the powerful work of transforming us into the likeness of Christ. This is the most wonderful demonstration of God’s kingdom coming into our lives. As we commit to do God’s will and grow in Christ, he progressively conquers the various territories in our lives and we begin to experience the fullness of God and radiate God’s glory.

The second is our neighborhood, city or even our nation. To pray “Your kingdom come” is to ask God to establish his rule and reign amid all the heartache and brokenness we see around us. As we reflect on the pain and sorrow in the world, we can vividly see the need for God to come and establish his rule and reign and bring peace, hope, joy and abundance.


The kingdom of God is a present reality and requires our response. We need to dream often about how wonderful that world under God’s rule will be and live in complete surrender to God’s will. We need to commit to pray fervently and persistently, “May your Kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”

Closing Prayer

Lord, today I affirm that you are sovereign over all creation. I surrender my life to your will. Give me a glimpse of what you desire for my life, my city, and my nation.