DAY 29: You Are Empowered And Commissioned

By Gary Kendall, Director Love KC


Lord, thank you for the life-changing power of your Word. Help me to obey your Word, so that my ways may please you and lead others to you.


LUKE 10:8–9

Whenever you go into a town and are made welcome, eat what is set before you, heal the sick in that town, and say to the people there, ‘The Kingdom of God has come near you.’


Jesus announced the coming of the kingdom of God, then told his disciples to do the same. With the kingdom comes authority to carry on Jesus’s mission, healing the sick and bringing God’s rule into the lives of the people we meet.

As we observe the needs of those around us, we should remember that we are empowered and commissioned to bring God’s kingdom into our neighborhoods. We carry the name of Jesus. God’s Spirit lives within us, and we are called to represent Jesus wherever we go.

In preparation to serve others, a good question to ask ourselves is this: what is it that God wants me to do to allow his kingdom to be present and available? Invite God to reveal himself in the moment. Allow the Spirit to keep you in step with what God wants to accomplish. If we point people to Jesus and invite the Spirit to lead and direct those encounters, people will know “the kingdom of God has come near.”

As I pray for people, I keep in mind that God’s timing and plan are best. So, it is always appropriate to pray, “Not my will, however, but your will be done” (Luke 22:42). We can do what Jesus did and leave the results to God. We must remember, this is not about us. We don’t need a particular result to validate who we are or who Jesus is. All the glory and all the power belong to God.

We can always pray, live, and give for Jesus in any situation. We don’t have to take a back seat to what the enemy is doing. We don’t need to fear anyone. If we give God a chance to make his presence known, God will. We can pray for this with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to invite the spiritual into the physical, to welcome God’s rule and work into our everyday encounters. People need to know there is more to this life than what we experience with our five senses.

God wants to reveal that he is present and available. God will use you if you are available to him and won’t make it about you.


Invite Jesus to empower you anew to do the tasks set before you. Then humbly offer yourself to be used of God to make him known to others.

Closing Prayer

Lord, make yourself known and have your way.