DAY 13: Pray Continually

By Nancy Mitchell, Director, Caring for Kids Network


Lord, thank you for the life-changing power of your Word. Help me to obey your Word, so that my ways may please you and lead others to you.



Pray at all times.


Wherever trending topics are found, we see the word mindfulness as it
applies to everyday routines and life. More than any time in history, we are continually bombarded with information and images from various sources. We can be very distracted as we try to process the information that speeds our way at astounding rates.

I sometimes feel exhausted at the end of the day by all the noise and messages that come my way. But then I am reminded that there is one thing that matters. One thing that brings clarity and peace amid the noise. God is my Father and I am his beloved child. God invites me into a dynamic, loving relationship with him. This is not a task to be accomplished at a certain point during the day. It is an invitation to a lifestyle of prayer as God’s beloved child living in God’s presence, and is the best invitation ever! I think this is what the apostle Paul meant when he wrote the letter to the Thessalonians instructing them to pray continually.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is with us always and has given us the ability to hear and see what our Father is doing every day. God directs us and provides opportunities every day to express his heart to a hurting, broken world. It is our purpose and we don’t want to miss it.

When we walk in continual prayer, we are also united by God’s Spirit with our brothers and sisters all over the world. We may not meet face to face, but our prayers knit us together in the Spirit as we pray.


You may be asking, “How can I pray continually?” First, ask God to increase your awareness of his presence. Then, be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to pray. Maintain an attitude of praise for God’s goodness. And thank God in all things.

Embrace this lifestyle of prayer as God’s beloved child and see what God will do through you.

Closing Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for creating each of us to be your beloved child. Open my eyes, ears and heart to be continually aware of your presence throughout each day. Help me to pray, to care and to share your love with others, as you lead me. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to pray continually.