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Love Your Neighbor Devotional

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Love Your Neighbor

A 30-Day Devotional

We like to say, “neighbor=those with whom you live, work, study or play.” When Jesus said loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself summed up all the law and the prophets, we think he had your sphere of influence in mind.

These 30 days of devotionals will inspire, instruct, make you laugh and maybe even bring a tear. They give a biblical foundation for the prayer, care, and share lifestyle. You can adopt your neighborhood or workplace and it will surprise you at how fast you see God work through you.

You’ll hear from twenty or so different authors and benefit from their experience. They originally wrote for the 2018 “What if the Church Loves Kansas City?” project but the truth is timeless.

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Daily Devotionals

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DAY 1: Love God and Love Your Neighbor

DAY 2: Who Is My Neighbor?

DAY 3: What Does A Good Neighbor Do?

DAY 4: Blessed To Be A Blessing

DAY 5: The First Step Is The Hardest

DAY 6: Start Where You Are

DAY 7: Pray – Your Kingdom Come On Earth

DAY 8: The Power of Praying in Agreement

DAY 9: Let There Be Open Doors In Kansas City

DAY 10: Missing What Is Right In Front Of You

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DAY 11: Unity Is The Key

DAY 12: Believe God For “Greater Things”

DAY 13: Pray Continually

DAY 14: Care Is Love In Action

DAY 15: Be The Hand and Feet of Jesus

DAY 16: Love Is A Verb

DAY 17: Known By Love

DAY 18: God So Loved That He Gave

DAY 19: Weep With Those Who Weep

DAY 20: Help Others With The Help You Received

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DAY 21: On Mission For Jesus!

DAY 22: Tell Your Story

DAY 23: The Best Gospel Is Not Your Life

DAY 24: Offer Life-giving Water

DAY 25: Witnesses

DAY 26: Gentleness And Respect

DAY 27: Out For A Walk

DAY 28: Don’t Just Go To The Church, Be The Church

DAY 29: You Are Empowered And Commissioned

DAY 30: Praying Onsite With Insight





Quick Start Guide

3 Steps to Confidently Live Out Your Faith & Reach Your Friends

Download this free PDF now to get started on your way to loving your neighbor and living more like Jesus.