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The Love KC Partner Church Agreement

  • Teach how to live on mission (see every Jesus follower as a missionary; with where you live, work, play or study being a part of your mission field). Teach on the two great commandments, to love God and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:38).
  • Teach the “prayer, care, share” strategy Love KC uses in adopting neighborhoods.
  • Agree to adopt the neighborhood around their church. A “neighborhood” is defined as the natural, geographic boundaries, of the closest public elementary school.
  • Encourage the members to adopt their neighborhoods using the site and communicate to Love KC the neighborhoods which are adopted.
  • Financially support the Love KC effort to reach every neighborhood in KC. There is not a required amount. It is a donation to Love KC.

What the Church Receives in Partnership

Love KC trainers will train the trainers of the church, with your church staff, and serve as a resource to the staff and church.

Love KC opens their network to others who are adopting neighborhoods in KC to encourage peer to peer learning circles. Coaching on an on-going basis is an option for the partner church.

The Love KC website generates resources every 7-10 days (equipping, stories, tools, etc). These are available to all and will be sent to the church representative.




Quick Start Guide

3 Steps to Confidently Live Out Your Faith & Reach Your Friends

Download this free PDF now to get started on your way to loving your neighbor and living more like Jesus.