Gary Kendall and the story of Love KC

Gary and Belinda Kendall embrace the new adventure of launching a city reaching ministry to reach every neighborhood of Kansas City by 2020. If you are around Gary any time at all you will hear him say, Let’s love our city to life in Jesus. Love KC is a new venture teaching the daily rhythm of prayer, care and share. Gary says, If each of us will do three simple things daily, that anyone can do, we can live on mission in our neighborhood and lead our friends to life in Jesus.

In this interview with 1 Million Voices, Gary talks with founder Steve Barnes, about the decision to step away from the safety of nearly 40 years in pastoral ministry into city ministry. Gary casts compelling vision about how we could make something big—city reaching–small enough for everyone of us to contribute.

Listen in and you’ll be inspired to join in. But watch out, your faith could be stretched and you may find that God has a place for you too in loving friends and neighbors to life in Jesus.