Every Person Plan

Every Person Plan

The 5 Regions

What is the Every Person Plan?

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We all agree that God has a desire that every person in the city find a fulfilling life and an eternal life in Jesus. 

And if He has a desire, there must be a plan. But until we have a plan it is only a wish and not a goal. 

The EVERY Person Plan is a first step toward creating a process that tracks toward God’s desire in Kansas City. 

Why 5 Regions?
Kansas City is a diverse city with regions that are geographically and culturally defined. The needs and opportunities are different in each part of the city. Fortunately, the Church is present in each region. Remember that the Church is more than buildings and programs; it is God’s gathered and scattered people living on mission. We must measure in each region at least annually.

The 5 Finish Lines of the Great Commission (as defined by All America):
1. Prayer
2. Compassion and Justice
3. Evangelism/discipleship
4. Bible engagement
5. Growth of Christian Communities (churches or micro churches)

These correlate with the 5 Areas of Human Flourishing defined by a Harvard study and these 5 areas tracked by Barna and Gloo

1. Financial
2. Vocational
3. Relational
4. Spiritual
5. Health

Through our partnership with Gloo, they have offered dashboards for Kansas City tracking the above five areas of human flourishing. In 2022 we will use these dashboards to track our city.

The EVERY Team plan requires leaders who will convene the Church in their region to assess the progress (or lack of) toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. When the measurements are supplemented by WHO is doing WHAT, we know the state of the Church in each region–then we have greater clarity about what needs to be done next.

At Love KC, we are looking for leaders (pastors, mission leaders or Christian leaders in the marketplace) in each region who will serve as conveners to bring the Church together and collaborate to measure and assess the progress of the five finish lines of the Great Commission semi-annually.

Current leaders:

Region 1 (north of the river): OPEN

Region 2 (KCMO): OPEN

Region 3 (Jackson Co, MO): Joel McGill and Chris Pinion

Region 4 (Johnson Co, KS): Rob Wegner and Matt Adams

Region 5 (KCK): OPEN

Check the Events page for any upcoming Every Person Plan meetings.