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When we say, prayer, “care,” and share…

After you’ve prayed, care as Jesus leads you to care. Let it be a natural extension of His love.

We live busy lives. People need to know you care before they are open to a new relationship.

Live on mission everyday

After praying, expect God to soften your heart and to soften the hearts of those He wants to reach. Realize He will move in you to join Him in His redeeming plan to draw people to His love. He will sensitize you to the needs of others around you.

The options are many

Care can look like so many different things–it can be taking a meal to someone who is going through chemo. It can be welcoming a newcomer to your neighborhood with a tin of cookies. It can be helping a widow repair her deck. Use your imagination and let the Holy Spirit lead.

Be an extension of Jesus’ love

Jesus said, as we do this to the least of these we do to Him (Matthew 25:40). Be an extension of His hands and feet in their lives.

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