What Is A Disciple?

Love the Lord God with all your heart …
Love your neighbor as yourself.

You know these commandments as Jesus’ instructions to be His disciple. But these two great commandments aren’t given equal focus in ministry today. As a Christian, you’ve heard countless sermons, read books, and participated in studies on how to “love God.”

But it’s rare to find teachings on how to “love your neighbor.”

Love KC is your go-to Discipleship resource to learn how to love your neighbor. We’ll help you become a more fruitful disciple of Jesus by embracing a lifestyle where you love your neighbor as yourself.

At its simplest definition, a disciple is one who replicates the life of his or her leader. In our case at Love KC, we say, disciples live out the message and the methods. Read more about discipleship here.

Your Journey To Become a Disciple

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The Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle

The second great commandment says to “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” In an attempt to be simple and memorable we just say, pray, care and share.


Pray for your neighbors daily by name and listen as you pray for God to prompt you with thoughts and ideas.


Care as the Holy Spirit leads you to care. Invite them over to share a meal. Find a way to serve them. Create a serving project to do together in your neighborhood.


Share your influence, your life, your story and the story of Jesus. Look for and expect Jesus to give you opportunities. They usually come in 30 seconds to 1-minute intervals so be ready.

People Are Not Projects

The goal is to love as Jesus loves. The Holy Spirit will draw them toward Himself. Everyone moves at his or her own speed. It is not about you.

Give God a chance and watch Him work—even through you.