Caring for Neighbors During Covid 19

This is a time like no other and we don’t know what’s next. The news changes daily. At Love KC we equip people to live their faith with confidence and know what to say to their friends about Jesus. The obvious question is, how?

Start with listening. Be present even if it means checking in through social media or online. Ask questions like, how are you? What’s your biggest challenge? Is there anything you need?

Choose faith over fear. The one thing that people need most in a time of rapid change is stability. What is it that isn’t changing? God’s presence and His promises are present and available. In work done with POWs, we’ve learned that when a person has hope they have resilience. Share the hope we have in Jesus.

Acknowledge the obvious. It isn’t supposed to be like this.

There is a presentation of the gospel that is called Three Circles. You can google it on YouTube. There are multiple versions. What I like about it is that you can start in Circle 1–God’s promise and talk about God’s original good plan. Or you could start in Circle 2–This world is messed up. The latter seems like the best lead right now. Eventually, you want to get through each circle until you get to Circle 3–God Redeems and Restores. When I share, I work through them giving each circle about 30 seconds then I wait to see what they say and go from there.

Invite Jesus into the moment. Your friends are likely open to prayer. Offer to pray for them and they are likely to welcome it. I end the three circles conversation with the invitation to join God in Circle 3, the circle of redemption.

Don’t overpromise. We want to be positive and hopeful, but we don’t know whether we are facing a blizzard or the beginning of a new season of winter. No one knows the timing, but God’s solutions work anytime and with everyone. We don’t know in what form the answers will come. We don’t know the timing, but God will provide. This is where faith comes in.

God is seldom early but never late. His ways are higher than our ways. His primary goal is to build character. He can easily meet our needs. He is not the one we need to worry about. When we give him free rein to do what He wants, the way He wants, when He wants–then He is free to do for us what He always wanted to do. 

God is Good. His mercies are new every morning. Lean into Him and others will follow your example. The world needs you now more than ever and you have what they need.

You are the answer. God’s chosen to invest in his children to be His light and love.