A “Better Man” Retreat

The Founder of Love KC, Gary Kendall, spoke at The Church of the Resurrection’s Men’s Retreat. His session was, A “Better Neighbor.” You can watch the presentation below.

Some treat the Second Great Commandment as if it is an option, others as if good, aspirational, intentions are enough. While most have a plan for growing the “loving God” side of discipleship not as many have a plan for “loving your neighbor.”

At Lovekc.net we can help you with that through a tool, blesseveryhome.com. You can choose to pray for 5,25, 50 or more of your nearest neighbors. Every day you will receive 5 names for which to pray and over the course of the month the plan will walk you around your block. You can note whether you are praying, caring or sharing. There’s a place to take notes and you can even print the list. 

In the message Gary tells stories about how he uses blesseveryhome and how you can grow closer to God and others when you learn to love your neighbor as yourself.